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Call to Order
Roll Call
Meditation and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Consent Agenda - Approval of Staff Recommendations
(Items on the Consent Agenda [marked by *] will be approved as recommended by staff, subject to removal from the Consent Agenda by Council.)
Approval of Agenda and Additions
ACE Educator Awards
Jon Gardner, Chair of the Advisory Committee on Education (ACE), will introduce the 2012 ACE Educator Award recipients from six Greenbelt schools.  Council will present each recipient with a certificate.  County Councilmember Ingrid Turner will be present.  Representatives from the City’s state delegation and County School Board may also be present.  The 2012 award recipients are:

Greenbelt Elementary School                Annette Lynne Maydag – 1st Grade Teacher
Springhill Lake Elementary School  Stephanie Kohout – Gym Teacher and Healthy Schools Coordinator
Magnolia Elementary School                 Robert Allen – 6th Grade Teacher
Turning Point Academy                   Kelly Henry – 4th Grade Teacher
Greenbelt Middle School                      Angela Atwell – 7th Grade Mathematics Teacher
Eleanor Roosevelt High School             Linda Watson – Science/Technology Computer Lab Teacher
Petitions and Requests
(Petitions received at the meeting will not be acted upon by the City Council at this meeting unless Council waives its Standing Rules)
Minutes of Council Meetings
* - Work Session, October 6, 2010
* - Work Session, October 13, 2010
* - Work Session, May 18, 2011
* - Work Session, November 14, 2011
* - Charter Meeting, November 14, 2011
* - Interview, December 5, 2011
* - Interview, December 12, 2011
* - Regular Meeting, December 12, 2011
* - Regular Meeting, January 9, 2012
* - Regular Meeting, January 23, 2012
Work Session, January 23, 2013
* - Work Session, January 25, 2012
Administrative Reports
Council Reports
*Committee Reports
A Resolution to Negotiate the Purchase of HVAC System Evaluation...
...and Assessment for Greenbelt Community Center from Mendoza, Ribas, Farinas & Associates of Rockville, Maryland - 1st Reading

The Community Center climate control system has not performed efficiently for many years.  The fan coil units in many rooms do not work properly resulting in poor temperature controls, inadequate air movement and reduced energy efficiency.  There is $15,000 budgeted in the Building Capital Reserve Fund to perform an evaluation of the Community Center’s HVAC mechanical system.

Mendoza, Ribas, Farinas & Associates (MRFA) has submitted a proposal to conduct an assessment of the Community Center HVAC system for a total cost of $9,660.   The City has worked with MRFA on many projects in the past and has been satisfied with their performance.  In addition, MRFA has significant experience evaluating and designing mechanical systems in a school setting.

Although the costs identified in the MRFA proposal do not exceed $10,000, staff recommends a resolution for negotiated purchase be approved for the work in case additional costs are incurred.

It is recommended the resolution be introduced for first reading at this meeting. (JM)

Greenbelt 75th Anniversary Sign
There are welcome signs at eight entrance points to the city.  Most of these signs were installed as part of Greenbelt’s 60th anniversary.  A mock-up has been developed for a 75th anniversary sign and is included in Council’s packet.  It incorporates the 75th anniversary logo.  The cost to manufacture these signs is $660. It is recommended Council approve the design and authorize the installation of the signs. This expense will come from general city expenses, not the 75th anniversary allocation. (MM)

Documents: 75th_sign.pdf
Cable Negotiation Agreement
The City has entered into the informal negotiation stage of the upcoming Comcast Renewal Negotiations.  The current franchise agreement is set to expire in 2014.  The re-negotiation process is a very long and specialized process, therefore, as with past negotiations with Comcast and Verizon, the City plans to negotiate as a coalition with the County and other municipalities within the County.  Through this process, we will be able to create an agreement template which each franchising authority will be able to use for its individual agreement with Comcast. 

Negotiating as a group will allow all participants to share costs, streamline the negotiation process and result in a better agreement for the City.  Legal counsel with specific cable negotiation experience will be retained to assist and guide the group through the process. 
Any costs are likely to be offset by the franchise filing fees.

Staff seeks Council approval to commit to joint negotiations and cost sharing related to the negotiations.  (DW)

Documents: cable_email.pdf
Letter to County Executive on Behalf of County Fire Departments
Mayor Davis requested this item be included on the agenda for discussion.  (CM)
Request for Proposal - Organizational Assessment
In the FY 2012 budget, Council allocated $50,000 to have an organizational study done.  Included in Council’s packet is a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for an “Organizational Assessment of the City of Greenbelt’s Operations” to be done.  The RFP has been drafted based on discussions by Council at its work session of November 16, 2011.

The original discussion on this matter occurred at the budget work session of May 18, 2011.  The direction to have a study done came out of discussions regarding vacant Assistant Director positions.  The direction was for an operational alignment study to determine if the city had the right positions in the right departments to provide city services.  As the RFP indicates, it has grown into a study of the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.  The City Manager has indicated that $50,000 may be insufficient to pay for that type study based on experiences in Hyattsville and Rockville.  An estimate for the larger study is $100,000.  On the other hand, an actual cost cannot be known until potential vendors respond to the RFP.

Council direction is sought.  (MM)

State Legislation
PG 301 – Prohibition of Retail Delivery of Alcohol to Consumers
This bill would prohibit the retail delivery of alcoholic beverages to the residence of a consumer.  Delegate Dereck Davis has contacted the City and requested support for this legislation.   This legislation would only apply to Prince George’s County.

Council direction is sought.

HB 1/SB 208 – Recycling Requirement for Apartment Buildings and Condominiums
This legislation would require owners or managers of apartment buildings or condominiums that contain 10 or more dwelling units to provide for recycling for their residents on or before October 1, 2013.   The City supported similar legislation last year.

Staff recommends Council support HB 1/SB 208.

Documents: Hb_1_208.pdf
SB 486 – Speed Monitoring Systems Enforcement
Current law requires a sworn police officer to review and certify speed camera violations. This legislation would allow any authorized agent (police officer, other City employee, contract employee, etc.) trained in speed camera enforcement to issue this certification.  The City supported similar legislation last year.

Staff recommends Council support SB 486.

Documents: SB486.pdf
SB 146 – Public Ethics – Financial Disclosure Statements
This legislation would clarify that Ethics forms required by State law need not include each interest in a mutual fund.  This has been one of the concerns about the new Financial Disclosure forms required by the State.  The MML Legislative Committee voted to support this bill.

Staff recommends Council support SB 146.  (DEM) 

Documents: SB146.pdf
Federal Legislation - Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (S 1270/HR 2284)
This legislation would prohibit the export of electronic waste to developing countries that are not part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), or the European Union, or Liechtenstein (a member of neither).    Much of this waste has some recycling value, but also contains toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead. 

Council discussed this bill at the Regular Meeting on January 9 and requested that staff determine how the City’s electronic waste was processed.  Included in Council’s packet is an email from Luisa Robles, the City’s Recycling Coordinator, which indicates that all materials are processed within the United States.

While this legislation has social and environmental merit, staff does not believe it has direct municipal impact.  Staff recommends the City limit its Federal advocacy efforts to those bills with such an impact.

Council direction is sought. 

Constitutional Amendments – Citizens United Decision
At the Regular Meeting on January 23, Council considered a petition to support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision.  Council directed that a letter be sent to the City’s State Delegation encouraging them to sign on to a letter from the Maryland General Assembly. 

Council also discussed Federal legislation to create this amendment including a bill sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders.  Council asked that Senator Sanders’ bill be placed on this evening’s agenda.  According to United for the People, which is a website which promotes the Amendment effort, 12 constitutional amendments have been introduced in the 112th Congress.   Included in Council’s packet are the proposals by Senator Sanders (SJ Res 33) and Congresswoman Edwards (HJ Res 78).

Amending the US Constitution is a complex and lengthy process.  As this process moves forward, Constitutional experts will determine the most appropriate language for such an amendment.  The City is already on record in support of a constitutional amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision.  Staff recommends that Council refrain from supporting specific amendment language at this time.

Council direction is sought.

Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Act (S 1994)
This legislation is sponsored by Senator Cardin and Mayor Davis requested that it be added to Council’s agenda.  The bill is 22 pages and staff has not had an opportunity to review this legislation. 

Council direction is sought.  (DEM)

Other Reports
Councilmembers will present reports on meetings and conferences recently attended.  (CM)