Call to Order
Roll Call
Meditation and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Consent Agenda - Approval of Staff Recommendations
(Items on the Consent Agenda [marked by *] will be approved as recommended by staff, subject to removal from the Consent Agenda by Council.)
Approval of Agenda and Additions
Oath of Office – New Greenbelt Police Officer
Acting Chief Tom Kemp will introduce Colin Giardini, Greenbelt’s newest police officer.  Mr. Giardini will graduate from the Maryland Transportation Authority Police Academy on March 8, 2018.  The oath of office will be administered by the Mayor.  Additional information is included in Council’s packet. (DEM)
Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
The City has received the GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its Fiscal Year 2018 budget.  This award is the highest form of recognition in governmental budgeting.  It recognized that Greenbelt publishes a budget document that satisfies national guidelines as a policy document, a financial plan, an operations guide, and a communications device.  Jeffrey Williams, City Treasurer, will accept the award.   (DEM)
Public Hearing

Proposed Annexation Resolution

NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt LLC presented a petition to the City to annex a small portion, 0.131 acres more or less, of the property owned by NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt LLC.   This portion of property should have been included in the original Greenbelt Station South Core annexation.

A resolution was introduced at the January 22, 2018, meeting to correct this inaccuracy in the original Greenbelt Station South Core annexation.  If adopted tonight, the resolution would take effect in 45 days, on April 7, 2018, unless a proper petition for referendum is submitted during the 45 day period.

It is recommended that the regular meeting be recessed for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on the resolution to annex this property.  The meeting should be reconvened following the hearing.

No motion is required to begin or end the public hearing.  (DEM)

Petitions and Requests
(Petitions received at the meeting will not be acted upon by the City Council at this meeting unless Council waives its Standing Rules)
Minutes of Council Meetings
* Work Session, January 31, 2018
* Work Session, February 5, 2018
* Work Session, February 7, 2018
* Regular Meeting, February 12, 2018
Statement for the Record - Closed Session of February 14, 2018:

The following motion is needed:

I move that the minutes of tonight’s meeting reflect that Council met in closed session on Wednesday, February 14, 2018, at 8:11 p.m. in the Library of the Municipal Building. Council held this closed meeting in accordance with the General Provisions Article, §3-305(b)(1) of the Annotated Code of Public General Laws of Maryland, to discuss the annual performance evaluation of the City Manager. 

Vote to close session:





Mr. Byrd



Ms. Davis


Ms. Mach



Ms. Pope


Mr. Putens



Mr. Roberts



Mayor Jordan



 There were no staff members or other individuals present.

 Council took no actions during this session. 

Administrative Reports
*Committee Reports
A Resolution Of The City Of Greenbelt, Maryland, To Amend Section 2 Of The Charter

Of The City Of Greenbelt, For The Purpose Of Enlarging The Corporate Boundaries Of The City Of Greenbelt, Maryland Under The Provisions Of Article 23a, Section 19, Of The Annotated Code Of The State Of Maryland (1957 Edition And Amendments), Replaced By The Local Government Article Of The Annotated Code Of The State Of Maryland (2013 Edition And Amendments), By Annex­ing Thereto Certain Lands And Property Contiguous To And Adjoin­ing The Existing Corporate Boundary Of The City Of Greenbelt, Prince George’s County, Being The Lands Of The Greenbelt Station South Core Development, Owned By The Developer Nvr Ms Cavalier Greenbelt Llc, Located Within Berwyn District 21, Prince George’s County, Maryland, And Being Part Of The Land Conveyed By Alfred H. Smith To Alfred H. Smith And Harry R. Smith By Deed Dated June 10, 1987 As Recorded Among The Land Records Of Prince George’s County, Maryland, In Liber 6694 Folio 858 And Containing 0.131 Acres More Or Less, As More Fully Described In The Metes And Bounds Description Prepared By W. Joseph Hines Of Dewberry Consultants Llc; Establishing Certain Terms, Conditions, And Circumstances Applicable To Such Land And The Owners Thereof; And All Matters Relating To The Annexation Of Such 0.131 Acres Of Land, More Or Less, Into The City Of Greenbelt
-          2nd Reading, Adoption 

                                    Reference:       Resolution

At its July 12, 2017 worksession, Council was briefed on the discovery of inaccuracies in the original Greenbelt Station South Core annexation and provided an outline of necessary steps to correct the errors.  Further research determined that a small portion, 0.131 acres more or less, of the property owned by NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt LLC should have been included in the original petition, but was inadvertently left out.

To correct this error, NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt LLC has presented a petition to the City to annex this property which is wholly owned by NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt LLC. The property is adjacent to the South Core development, located to the east of Indian Creek, and adjacent to the Concrete Ready Mix Property. Staff finds that the proposed annexation is necessary to correct errors in the original annexation.

Ms. Mach introduced the resolution for first reading at the January 22, 2018 meeting.  A public notice was published in the January 25, 2018, and February 1, 2018, issues of the Greenbelt News Review describing the resolution and providing the details on the public hearing which was held earlier this evening.

It is recommended the resolution be introduced for second reading and moved for adoption tonight.  (DEM)

A Resolution to Authorize the Negotiated Purchase of a Design/Build Grid-Tied

Photovoltaic System at the Springhill Lake Recreation Center at a Cost of $80,200
- 2nd Reading, Adoption

         Reference:      Resolution
                                 Request for Proposals, Springhill Lake Recreation Center Photovoltaic                                   Project
                                  Pre-proposal meeting sign-in sheet
                                  Memorandum, J. Sterling, 02/03/2018

In 2012, the City of Greenbelt began participating in the Maryland Smart Energy Communities (MSEC) program through the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA). As part of the MSEC program, the City agreed to work towards a goal of providing 20% of the city’s electricity from renewable sources by 2022. In 2017, the Department of Public Works submitted a MSEC application to provide photovoltaic systems at two City facilities. The total grant awarded for a photovoltaic system was $58,500. Subsequently, an attachment was sent to MEA detailing how the $58,500 was going to be spent. The attachment was approved to install a photovoltaic system at the Springhill Lake Recreation Center (SLRC).

In November 2017, the City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the design/build of a photovoltaic system at the SLRC. The RFP document was advertised in the newspaper, the city’s website and eMaryland Marketplace. A mandatory pre-proposal meeting was held on December 15, 2017. Six contractors attended the mandatory meeting.

Four responses were received to the RFP ranging from a low proposal price of $80,220 to a high proposal of $235,781. The RFP included separate pricing for the two roofs that were proposed for solar panels. These prices included solar panels on both roofs. Staff carefully reviewed the proposals and interviewed the contractor with the lowest proposal. SG, Inc. provided the lowest price proposal to the RFP.

Included in Council’s packet is a memorandum from Jim Sterling, Director of Public Works, detailing the RFP and bid review process. Mr. Sterling recommends that the Springhill Lake Recreation Center Photovoltaic Project be awarded to SG, Inc.

Ms. Davis introduced this resolution for first reading at the last meeting. It is recommended that the resolution be introduced for second reading and moved for adoption tonight. (JS)

Advisory Committee on Education (ACE), Report #18-02 (ACE Student Awards):

Reference:       ACE Report 2018-02

The Advisory Committee on Education (ACE) has reviewed the existing annual ACE Student Awards program in regards to audience size challenges and submitted its report to Council.  Council accepted the report at its last meeting and requested it be included on the agenda of this meeting for discussion.

Melinda Brady, Chair of ACE, will be present.  (DEM)

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Grants

Councilmember Byrd requested this item be included on the agenda for the discussion of:
 1) Teacher Town Hall; 2) Teacher Awards; 3) Prom Night; and 4) Grad Night.   (DEM)

Standing Rules for City Council

Reference:          Draft Standing Rules Update
                            Section 9, City Charter
                            General Provisions Article 3-306(B)

Council reviewed the Standing Rules document at its work session on December 18, 2017. Staff updated the document based on the results of that discussion and a Resolution to Amend the Standing Rules was introduced at the January 22, 2018 meeting. At the last meeting, Council tabled the resolution at the request of Mayor Jordan.

Mayor Jordan identified the following concerns regarding Standing Rules and asked staff to review. Listed below are these concerns and staff findings.

1. Requiring a second when adding items to the agenda: In Section VIII(1)(a) of the Standing Rules, any member of Council may request the addition of an item to the Regular Meeting agenda. There is no requirement for a second.

2. Requiring a second when introducing legislation: In Section IX(1) of the Standing Rules, any member of Council may introduce an ordinance or resolution (for first reading). There is no requirement for a second. This requirement is not listed in the City Charter or City Code. Section 9 of the City Charter does require that ordinances be read on two separate days unless six (6) members vote to suspend the rules.

3. Video in lieu of written minutes: The General Provisions Article 3-306(B)(2)(i) of State Law states that written minutes of meetings are not required if live and archived video is available.

4. Amount of time each petitioner is allowed to discuss an item: In Section VIII(4) of the Standing Rules, each petitioner shall be allowed five minutes in which to state the nature of the petition. At the work session on December 18th, Council requested this be changed to “each petitioner shall be allowed three minutes……” and added “the petitioner may be granted additional time with the consent of Council.”

Council direction is sought. (DEM)

Participation in 2018 Co-op Festival

Reference:       Co-op Festival Information

At the last meeting, Ms. Mach advised that the Greenbelt Cooperative Alliance is asking the City to consider partnering with them for the National Cooperative Business Associations Co-op Festival on the National Mall on October 6 and 7, 2018.  The registration fee is $750.00 and the Alliance is willing to provide staffing for the event.

Council requested this item be included as an agenda item for this meeting.  (DEM)

State Legislation

Reference:       SB 277/HB 372

                         HB 538/SB 651

                         HB 1209

                         SB 1188/HB 1767

SB 277/HB 372 – Maryland Metro Funding Act

 This legislation would establish a dedicated funding account for WMATA capital costs and provide an annual grant of at least $125 million.   Virginia and DC must enact similar legislation. 

Council direction is sought.

HB 538/SB 651 - Expanded Polystyrene Food Service Products – Prohibition

This bill would prohibit the sale and use of expanded polystyrene food service containers statewide.  Use of these products in Prince George’s County was banned via a local bill effective 7/1/16.  Greenbelt Climate Action Network (GCAN) has requested that the City support this bill.  Delegate Gaines and Senator Pinsky are co-sponsors of these bills.

It is recommended Council support HB 538/SB 651.

HB 1209 – Silver Alert Program – Pedestrians and Case Status

This bill would clarify that a Silver Alert can be issued whether a missing person is in a vehicle or on foot.  It would also require that an online system be established to provide the status of Silver Alert cases.  Recently, a former Greenbelt resident, Daniel DeHaven, went missing in Beltsville.  Despite family and community efforts, a silver alert was not issued because he was on foot at the time.  Subsequently, his body was found in a wooded area in Anne Arundel County.  Delegates Anne Healey and Alonzo Washington are co-sponsors of this bill.

It is recommended that Council support HB 1209.   

SB 1188/HB 1767 – Wireless Facilities – Permitting and Siting

This legislation would add a new section to the Local Government Article entitled Wireless Facilities.  It is directed at small cell wiresless.   Staff has not had an opportunity to throughoughly evaluate  all the provisions of the bill.   However, based on a cursory review, it appears to prohibit local governments from exercising its authority over municipal rights of way.  The bill also contains great detail about what a local government can and can’t do via its permit process regarding these wireless facilities.

It is recommended that Council oppose SB 1188/HB 1767.  


Letter to Governor Hogan – Opposition to Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
Councilmember Byrd requested this item be included on the agenda.  (DEM)
Letter to Maryland’s U.S. Senate Delegation Requesting Support for the Fix NICS Act
Councilmember Byrd requested this item be included on the agenda. (DEM)
Policy on SRO action during school shootings and on school shooting-related tips
Councilmember Byrd requested this item be included on the agenda. (DEM)
* Letter of Support – Capital Funding for Maryland Community Legacy and Neighborhood BusinessWorks Programs

Reference:       Draft Letters

                        DHCD Request

The City has been asked by Duane Feliz, Program Officer, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), to send a letter of support addressed to the two Capital Budget Chairs, Senator James DeGrange and Delegate Adrienne Jones, for the Fiscal Year 2019 funding for DHCD’s core neighborhood revitalization programs including Community Legacy, the Neighborhood Business Works program and the Maryland Strategic Demolition Fund. 

Approval of this item on the consent agenda will indicate Council’s intent to send the letter of support.  (TH)

* Resignation from Advisory Group

Reference:       Reappointment Survey, E. Tryer, 01/31/2018

Elvina Tryer has submitted her resignation from the Greenbelt Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability. 

Approval of this item on the consent agenda will indicate Council’s intent to accept her resignation with regret.  (DEM)


* Reappointments to Advisory Groups

Reference:       Reappointment Surveys

The following Advisory Group members have indicated their desire to be reappointed to advisory groups:

                         Oliver Gaycken           Arts Advisory Board

                        Susan Gregerson         Forest Preserve Advisory Board

Approval of this item on the consent agenda will indicate Council’s intent to reappoint these members to new terms.  (DEM)

Council Activities
Council will report on activities and events recently attended. (If time allows.)
Council Reports

Council will report on activities and events recently attended.  (If time allows.)


Regular Meeting/ Public Hearing –Annexation South Core Boundary Correction



8:00 pm

Mid-Session Legislative Dinner (Annapolis)



6:00 pm

Business Coffee



7:30 am

Work Session – Rental Apartments (stakeholder)/ Council Room Upgrade Briefing Update (CC)



8:00 pm

Interview Advisory Board



7:40 pm

Work Session – NRP Group – Development Proposal – Capital Office Park/ Capital Office Park



8:00 pm

Work Session – Development Proposal – Old Nursing Home/ Land Use Proposal Property Adjacent to Capital Cadillac  (CC)



8:00 pm

Regular Meeting



8:00 pm

Work Session – Friends of Greenbelt Theatre (CC)



8:00 pm

Work Session – Sunnyside Bridge Replacement/ Economic Development



8:00 pm

Work Session – Recreation and Park Facilities Master Plan (CC)



8:00 pm

Reception for ACE Educators



7:30 pm

Regular Meeting/ACE Educators Awards /Proposed Budget Presentation



8:00 pm

Work Session – Budget Work Session- Overview, Revenues & General Government/ Other Funds/ Non-Departmental & Fund Transfers (CC)



7:30 pm

No Meeting (Easter Monday)



Budget Work Session – Misc. Museum/Grants & Contributions (SHL)



7:30 pm

Regular Meeting



8:00 pm

Budge Work Session – Public Safety (SHL)



7:30 pm

Work Session – Greenbelt Station Residents/ WMATA Trail (tentatively)  (CC)



8:00 pm

Budget Work Session – Public Works /Capital Projects (Greenbriar)



7:30 pm

Regular Meeting/ 1st Public Hearing



8:00 pm