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Greenbelt Skate Park

Admission Fee

Free- Skate Park User Pass required

Designed by Wally Hollyday and constructed by California Skateparks, the Greenbelt skate park is a 7,000 square foot concrete park with a variety of street and vert elements, including a 10.5 foot deep bowl with diamond back ceramic pool coping from Federal Stone. Landscape design for the park was done by Bradley Site Design.

All users are required to register to the use the park. Adults must present ID when submitting their completed form. Parents of minors (under 18 yrs of age) must complete the Skate Park User Agreement form in the presence of a classified recreation department staff person.

Registration / waiver forms will be accepted at the the Greenbelt Youth Center, Monday through Friday, from 9:00am-4:30pm. 

If your parent is not able to complete the form in person during these times the signed form must be notarized and submitted to the Greenbelt Recreation Department Main Business Office at the Greenbelt Youth Center during the times noted above.

Upon receipt of a completed registration / waiver form, members will be issued a membership card and a sticker that must be put on their skate helmet. Skaters must also comply with the skate park rules.

For park schedule information, please call the Greenbelt Weather and Information Hotline at 301-474-0646, or drop by the Greenbelt Skate Park in front of the Youth Center and check for notices on the bulletin board outside the park.

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