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Employment Recreation

  1. 1 Application Template
  2. 2018 Creative Kids Camp Intern
  3. 2018 Creative Kids Camp Teacher
  4. After School Art Class Volunteer
  5. Aquatics Coordinator
  6. Arts Assistant I (part-time)
  7. ASL Instructor
  8. Fitness Attendent
  9. Lifeguard
  10. Pool Manager (Operator)
  11. Swim Lesson Instructor
  12. Water Exercise Instructor
  1. 2018 Creative Kids Camp Counselor
  2. 2018 Creative Kids Camp STAGECRAFT Internship

    Make costumes and props for an original musical that will be performed by Creative Kids Camp! This opportunity is open to ages 15 - 17... More…

  3. Administrative Assistant I
  4. After School Arts Class Volunteer
  5. Art Instructor
  6. Arts Education Specialist (part-time)
  7. Customer Service Representative (GAFC Cashier)
  8. Food Service Manager
  9. Park Ranger
  10. Skateboard Instructor
  11. Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor for Special Populations
  12. Water Safety Instructor