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Financial Assistance Program


  1. 1. Financial Assistance Information
  2. 2. Financial Assistance Application
  3. 3. Financial Assistance Application Synopsis
  • Financial Assistance Information

    1. The City of Greenbelt, an inclusive community, recognizes the fact that some Greenbelt residents may require financial assistance in order to participate in certain recreational activities that are offered through the Greenbelt Recreation Department. As a result, the City of Greenbelt’s Financial Assistance program was developed and designed to assist eligible individuals and families experiencing financial difficulties to access our programs, by providing the option to apply for a reduced fee. Proof of Greenbelt residency is required.

    2. This form was designed to help us determine your eligibility and the best possible solution to meet your specific needs. Please complete and submit the form, along with the proper documentation, as soon as possible.

    3. Regardless of your income, there are opportunities to participate

    4. 1. Reduction of fees is limited to City of Greenbelt Residents. Address verification via driver license, MVA change of address card, or current signed lease, is required. Funding is limited. Reduced rates are awarded on a first come, first served and space available basis.

    5. 2. The signature on the financial assistance application form is an agreement that parent/participant will pay the required reduced amount for the program or request a refund of the deposit before the program begins.

    6. 3. Financial assistance applications must be completed in full for consideration. All required verification of income and information lines must be filled in completely and accurately.

    7. 4. Verification of income is needed on a yearly basis. Fall is the first season of each fiscal year. Reduced rate is reviewed at this time each year and may change each fall.

    8. 5. Applicant is required to update financial assistance application information if financial and/or family status changes.

    9. 6. Income guidelines have been established by the Department but are expected to change occasionally. Each application is reviewed on its own merits and approved or denied based on the information provided.

    10. 7. If financial assistance is awarded, the recipient must NOT claim the financial assistance payments as part of their yearly Child and Dependent Care Expenses on their tax returns.

    11. 8. A 10% deposit is required to hold space in a program while the application is being reviewed. This does not guarantee funding, eligibility for a reduced rate, nor approval of paperwork provided. It merely holds the registration during the process.

    12. 9. Only one request per individual/per season up to $250 per person and an annual maximum of $1,000 per family is permitted.

    13. 10. Programs MUST be paid in full at the reduced rate before the start date of the program or the participant will not be allowed to attend. Continual late payments may cause the reduction to be revoked or result in being removed from the program.

    14. 11. The term fee refers to an established user fee. This includes camps, classes, Aquatic and Fitness Center membership or other programs where the total fee exceeds $45.00 per individual. Aquatic and Fitness Center passes are limited to a maximum of 50% reduction.

    15. 12. Award is by percentage rate – uneven dollar amounts are rounded up to the nearest dollar. Some programs may have a maximum dollar limit. Any program promoted/advertised by the City that is run/sponsored by another organization is NOT covered by this policy (i.e. Boys and Girls Club, SAGE). Other exceptions may occur as new programs and opportunities are offered through the City.

    16. 13. When applying for family scholarship monies, please list all dependent family members as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) residing in the home, their relationship to the applicant, and their monthly income.

    17. 14. An adult, age 18 or over, must list his/her income, unless they are considered a dependent as defined by the IRS.

    18. 15. Foster parents who receive monthly funds allotted for the care of children who are wards of the state (the Washington Metropolitan area) are not eligible to apply for fee assistance on behalf of the foster child. The foster parent and the agency that is responsible for the welfare of the child (i.e. Department of Human Services, Social Services, Helping Children Grow, etc.) will be responsible for the total payment of all program fees. Note: The foster care monthly fees will not be considered part of the household income when applying for fee reduction for other household members.

    19. For families ineligible for financial assistance or if a reduced fee is denied, payment plans are available upon request for large dollar programs ($100.00 or more). Payments must be made as specified and on time for participant to maintain their registration space.