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2018 Festival of Lights Juried Art and Craft Fair: Non-Profit Group Application


  1. 1. Information for Non-Profit Groups
  2. 2. Non-Profit Group Application
  • Information for Non-Profit Groups

    1. This application is for use by groups who intend to donate all proceeds to a not-for-profit organization. Individuals and groups who wish to donate a portion of their proceeds to a non-profit organization should please utilize our youth artisan, professional artisan, or writer/musician/filmmaker application as best describes your status. The selection process is competitive and acceptance is not guaranteed.

    2. Groups are strongly encouraged to sell or raffle hand-made items. Imported crafts are not permitted. Special permission may be granted in some cases for organizations to sell commercially-produced items which support their mission. Edible goods may be sold as long as the exhibitor complies with applicable Maryland state health regulations. Corporate logos (including sports team logos) and imagery of licensed characters are prohibited; this ban includes commercially printed fabric with logo or character imagery. All wares must be described in this application. If you wish to add additional products after applying, please email agardner@greenbeltmd.gov by November 16 to request authorization.

    3. Fri, Nov. 30: load-in 5-9pm. No early arrivals, please. Sat, Dec. 1: exhibitor access to the building beginning at 8am for final touches. (Saturday load-in can be arranged with advance permission if necessary. Exhibitors loading in on Saturday must please arrive by 8:30am to avoid forfeiture of their booth space.) Fair open 10am-5pm. Sun, Dec. 2: exhibitor access starting at 9am. Fair open 10am-4pm. Load out 4-6pm. Exhibitors must be present and well-stocked both days of the fair, all fair hours, regardless of weather as long as the show remains open.

    4. The Art and Craft Fair will utilize several rooms at the Greenbelt Community Center located at 15 Crescent Road in Greenbelt, MD. Curated showcase rooms will feature non-profit groups, writers, musicians, filmmakers, youth artisans and/or adult artisans. The showcases will utilize rooms 103, 112, and 114. The gymnasium will also be used for the Art and Craft Fair, and that room is reserved for use by professional artisans.

    5. Most spaces are 5' deep and 6' across. Each space includes a complimentary 6' table and two chairs. There is no fee to apply. A fee of $30.00 per space will be due upon acceptance to the Fair. Booth fees are nonrefundable.

    6. Maryland requires all exhibitors to have a tax number and collect sales tax. If you do not have a state tax identification number, the Maryland Comptroller’s office will contact you to provide a temporary number; please wait for them to reach out to you. IMPORTANT - If you are applying to this show on behalf of a group, please submit a list to the Recreation Department by October 31 that contains the name, address, email address, phone number, and permanent tax ID number (if applicable) for each participant.

    7. Exhibit rooms will be locked at night. Additional security measures are limited to cameras in the halls and building staff during public hours. The Recreation Department cannot be responsible for any articles lost, stolen, or damaged.

    8. Submit your online application by September 28. Please upload a photo of your booth set-up where requested below.

    9. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance status no later than October 12. Non-profit exhibitors will be selected based on: local interest, emphasis on hand-crafted wares, quality of wares, quality of presentation, the availability of space, past compliance with fair guidelines and the goal of a diverse array of exhibitors. The selection process for this show is competitive and acceptance is not guaranteed. Once notified of acceptance, exhibitors must provide full payment by October 26. If payment is not received when due, the exhibitor may lose his/her space at the fair. Decisions of the Recreation Department regarding acceptance and booth assignments are not subject to appeal.

    10. If you are accepted to the fair but cannot attend, please notify the Recreation Department. If you fail to provide notification or do not participate on both days during all fair hours you may be excluded from future fairs.

    11. Once accepted to the show, exhibitors agree to help promote this event through their websites, blogs, social media accounts, email and snail mail lists as applicable. Exhibitors are required to supply their own fabric to drape and skirt all tables to the floor, including personal and city equipment as applicable. Exhibitors must supply wheeled carts for transport of all materials into and out of the building, or carry them (no dragging or pushing across the floor). Exhibitors may not post signage in the building, except in their booth. Strolling promotions are prohibited. Participating exhibitors agree to remove from display upon request, without dispute, any items deemed by the organizers to be inappropriate for this event due to considerations including language/content, safety, impact on nearby vendors and non-compliance with published restrictions. Members of youth organizations are encouraged to staff their group's booths; children should otherwise please not accompany adults in the booths. Exhibitors must be present and ready to sell at least 30 minutes before the show opens each day.