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Mary Purcell Geiger Scholarship Fund Application

  1. Thank you for your interest in the programs of the Greenbelt Department of Recreation. The Department is pleased to offer partial scholarship assistance for Greenbelt residents of any age who are interested in participating in visual arts, performing arts and senior programs. Greenbelt address verification via driver license, MVA change of address card, or current signed lease, is required. Assistance is available on a limited basis according to need. Residents who have not yet received scholarship assistance during the current program year will be given priority status in the awarding of support. Otherwise, assistance will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note: funds cannot be applied to the cost of PG Community College classes, camps (for which separate scholarship assistance is available), courses offered by independent individuals and organizations, or programs costing less than the minimum required patron contribution.

  2. Please complete this application and turn it in at the main office of the Greenbelt Community Center. You will be contacted promptly.

  3. (Scholarship assistance is limited to one program per student per session).

  4. (from brochure)

  5. Please contribute 50% of program cost or more when possible Minimum contribution required: $10.00/child or $20/adult Your contribution helps to extend the life and the impact of this fund - thank you.

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