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Administrative Services

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1. What is accreditation?
2. What are accreditation benefits?


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1. How do I contact a city/county department?
2. Where can I find the answers to my frequently asked questions?

Planning & Community Development

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1. What are the Greenbelt Animal Control's hours?
2. I keep calling the Greenbelt Animal Control office and no one is answering, what should I do?
3. Who does the Greenbelt Animal Control service?
4. Can a non-resident drop off an animal to the Greenbelt Shelter?
5. Will the Greenbelt Animal Control pick up a deceased animal?
6. How old must I be to volunteer at the Greenbelt Shelter/Animal Control?
7. How much does it cost to adopt an animal from the Greenbelt Shelter?


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1. Who is considered a Greenbelt resident?
2. How come Greenbelt Road isn't considered a Greenbelt address?
3. What's required for proof of residency?
4. Do you have to be a member or can anyone come to the pool?
5. How many paying guests can I bring?
6. Is admission for the whole building or can I just pay for the area I want to use?

Refuse & Recycling

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1. Where do I get paper yard waste bags?
2. May I take items directly to the landfill?
3. Do my refuse containers require lids?
4. What do I do with my old computer and electronic equipment?
5. Where are the 24 hour recycling centers and what can I recycle there?
6. What time should I have my trash and recycling out?
7. Can I get a new recycling bin?
8. Where can I recycle fluorescent bulbs?