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Emergency Response Team
Duties The citizen rescue vehicle
The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) was established in 1990 and consisted of officers trained to execute high risk warrants. The unit was called the Tactical Unit at the time, but the name was changed several years ago to the Emergency Response Unit to reflect the additional types of operations the unit will respond to as its size and its capabilities increase.

Civilian Members
In addition to the sworn Greenbelt Police Officers who comprise the unit, two civilian tactical medics trained in advanced life support volunteer their time and services to the unit. They train with ERU and at least one of them, sometimes both, accompanies the unit on almost every operation.

The ERU has successfully completed more than 150 operations. Some of the more notable ones include assisting with security at the Pentagon after the September 11 terrorist attack. The ERU also assisted the University of Maryland Department of Public Safety with the security details for Nelson Mandella, November 2001, and Kofi Annan, November 2002, as well as civil disturbances following sporting events, including the NCAA basketball championship game in April 2002.