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Open Government

The City of Greenbelt works hard to keep everything as transparent as possible so citizens know what's happening.  On this page we have supplied easy access to some of the most asked for information.  If you feel there are documents that we have not included, or that you would like access to that are currently not on our website, please contact us.

Notify Me is a feature of our website that allows anyone to sign up to receive notifications when new information is added to the site concerning a number of different topics such as Council Agendas, Board and Committee Minutes, Crime Reports and much more.  You pick the topics that you want!  Notifications will be made through email or by text message.


  • Meeting Schedule
    Notification of City Council meetings for the upcoming week are published in the "City Information" section of the Greenbelt News Review .  Meetings, as they are schedule for the upcoming months are posted on our "Events" section of the home page and on the  Calendar section of the City Council page.
  • Current Council Packets, Agendas and Minutes 
    The Agenda for the upcoming City Council Meeting and all of the background materials are posted on the Agenda Center by Thursday evening prior to every REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING. Minutes for all City Council Meetings beginning with 2012 are also posted there.
  • Previous Agendas and Council Packets up to 2012
    Agendas and Council Packets, as well as videos and the minutes to the meeting may also be accessed from our video streaming site. 
  • Council Meetings from 2009 to 2011
    Agendas, videos, and minutes to these meetings are also available on our video streaming site.
  • Council Meeting Minutes from 1997 to 2011
    Earlier minutes to Council meetings, as well as from 2009-2011 are available in the Document Center.


Minutes for the past 2 years for Advisory Boards and Committees are posted on the Agenda Center as they are submitted to the city and approved. Minutes for Boards and Committees prior to 2012 can be accessed through the Document Center.  Notifications of upcoming meetings are published in the "City Information" section of the Greenbelt News Review and in the "Events" section of our home page.


Access to the current Adopted Budget, as well as the past year's, is available here.  Previous budgets from 2010-2012 are available at the Archive Center.


Access to the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports from FY2010-FY2013 are available here.


Access the City Code by chapter here.

The Maryland Public Information Act enables people to have access to government records without unnecessary cost or delay. The City of Greenbelt is committed to transparency in government. 

MPIA requests should be submitted on the City’s MPIA Request Form  and may be printed, and mailed or faxed, or saved and emailed as an attachment to one of the City’s Records Custodians.  Your request should sufficiently identify the records that you are seeking, including a clearly identified subject matter and specific dates or ranges of dates of the documents requested.

The City is not obligated to do research, "create" records, or conduct investigations. The City is given 30 days to comply with your request. However, we will provide information for your inspection as soon as possible. If the information you are requesting does not exist, the City will inform you within 10 working days.

City Records Custodian:

Anne Marie Belton
Executive Associate
City of Greenbelt
25 Crescent Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone: 301-474-3870
FAX: 301-441-8248

Police Records Custodian:
Lt. Gordon Pracht
Greenbelt Police Department
550 Crescent Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone: 301.474.7200 
FAX: 301-507-6520

There are occasions when fees may be charged to produce documents under the MPIA. (FEE SCHEDULE)

If you have any questions about the administration of the above guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the City Clerk's Office at 301-474-3870.