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Greenbelt Youth Musical






The annual Greenbelt Youth Musical, now in its seventeenth year, is an open-enrollment musical theater program for teen actors in grades seven through twelve.  The program gives teen actors the opportunity to work with professional theater artists and experience the fun of bringing original musical works to life, while building confidence and community.  The environment is affirming, the process is fun, and the productions are excellent!


Greenbelt Winter Youth Musical, Orlando Furioso, Delights Audience

It is a pleasure to spend a few hours in a world where enemies can become friends

 and even the loudest, most obnoxious braggarts can be brought joyfully to the table.

In the warm-hearted world of Furioso, conflicts can be resolved with love and courtesy

 and crises averted with teamwork, creativity and goodwill. 
And a little “musical theater magic!”


Secret Circus by Chris Cherry Delights Crowd

“When you’re different, how do you find your place in the world?
‘Secret Circus,’ written and directed by Christopher Cherry,
explores the quest to discover and be one’s true self
in a dazzling spectacle of romance, wonder and adventure.


“Perseus and the Gorgon” Delights a Packed House

“Perseus and the Gorgon” is a fantasy adventure tale
 complete with shipwrecks, swordfights, gods, monsters, a magic mirror,
 royalty in disguise and the cutest flock of bats ever to grace a stage.
It is also a wise reflection on the destructive influence
 of fear on our lives and the redeeming power of love.
But most of all, it is a fantastically enjoyable show.


Youth Production Delights; The Joy Gods Return to a Full House

 ‘Joy Gods’ brings tears and joy to the audience . . .
an uplifting story about the return of joy to New York City . . .
a modern-day musical with old Broadway style and flair.” 

-- Greenbelt News Review

Click here for full reviews of recent shows. 


Buried Treasure is a haunting story about three high-school kids who have a life-changing adventure in a land deep down, underneath the world we know.  Josh is as brave as a lion, Harriet is as wise as an owl, and Miranda is always as good as gold – or so they think.  When they fall down a shaft in the abandoned Treasure Trove mine, a perilous adventure in the Underworld challenges their surface notions and impels the trio to a deeper understanding of courage, wisdom, and goodness.  In a world where dragons and gnomes are real, can three high-school students break a spell of ignorance and rescue Sophia, the Underworld’s rightful queen?


                The Greenbelt Youth Musical is open to all interested performers in grades seven through twelve.  Everyone who enrolls is cast in the show.  Unlike many audition situations, our casting rehearsals are low-stress and fun! 

Attendance is required for all participants at our casting rehearsal on Sunday, December 18, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  This rehearsal is devoted to learning and singing songs from the score and reading scenes from the script, so that we can assess our actors in a low-stress, supportive way for role assignment purposes.  Participants also must be available for a follow-up SECOND-LOOK CASTING REHEARSAL on Monday, December 19, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, when we will invite specific participants to act and sing with potential scene partners so that we can optimize the casting.  After the casting rehearsals, we will take a break until Friday, January 8, when regular rehearsals will begin.  In the interim, author-director Chris Cherry will be fine-tuning the script and score to make the best use of the talents of our cast.  The casting will be announced in January, before regular rehearsals begin.

Click here
for a link to a detailed Q&A resource about the casting process and how teen actors can best approach it.


Our rehearsal process is well organized and laid out in advance, with no surprises.  If you have significant conflicts with the rehearsal schedule, please contact Chris Cherry before enrolling.  Occasional (or even recurring, but predictable) rehearsal conflicts are not necessarily a barrier to participating.  The young actors involved in the program are typically engaged in many other terrific activities, which we strongly support.  We do not schedule the entire cast for every rehearsal, so as long as we have everyone’s schedule conflicts ahead of time, we can generally work around them pretty easily.  Each cast member must fill out and submit the Actor Commitment and Conflict Form, noting their currently known conflicts (absences, late arrivals, and early departures), as well as any provisional conflicts.  This form must be turned in at the All-Call Casting Rehearsal on December 18, so that we don’t inadvertently cast scene partners with incompatible schedules.  

Regular rehearsals take place for eight weekends from January 6 through February 26.  Except for their pre-disclosed conflicts, actors are expected to be available to rehearse during the following hours:

  • Fridays: 5:30pm 8:30pm*
  • Saturdays: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Sundays: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Monday holidays (Jan. 16 and Feb. 20): 2:00pm - 8:00pm
*1:00pm start time on Jan. 20 and Feb. 10 (P.G. Schools closed) for available actors.

very week during the rehearsal period, director Chris Cherry will e-mail that week’s rehearsal schedule to the entire cast, specifying the days and times each actor is scheduled for rehearsal for the upcoming weekend.  Actors who are not scheduled for a particular day are then free to make other plans.  We strive not to schedule actors more often than they will be needed.  

In return for working around noted conflicts, we do expect each performer to commit to attending the rehearsals for which he or she is scheduled.  We recognize, of course, that unforeseen obligations can arise even during our brief eight-week rehearsal period.  If we are given notice before the weekly rehearsal schedule is distributed, we certainly accommodate as best we can.  We simply ask parents’ cooperation in helping our actors make and maintain a commitment to the rehearsal process.  If an enticing social opportunity arises suddenly, an actor may have to forego it in order to meet rehearsal obligations to cast mates. 

Note that attendance is mandatory for all cast members at all rehearsals from February 28 onward and at all four performances.

Click here for the full rehearsal schedule and the actor commitment and conflict form.


On-line registration opens on November 14 for Greenbelt residents and on November 18 for our friends who live outside Greenbelt.   If you are among these nearby friends, you can fax (301-220-0561) or drop off a hard-copy registration at the Community Center before on-line registration opens, and it will be held until the resident preference period expires.  Because non-resident registrations are processed in the order in which they are received, faxing or dropping off a hard-copy registration early is a way for savvy non-Greenbelters to be near the front of the queue on the day that non-resident registration officially opens.  This is to your advantage, as we do reserve the right to cap enrollment to keep the cast at a manageable size.  

Click here for online registration.

Click here for a fillable registration form you can print out.

Note: The activity number for the Greenbelt Youth Musical is 144230-1.  


Tuition is $173 for Greenbelt actors and $196 for actors residing outside Greenbelt.  Generous scholarship assistance is available for Greenbelt residents from the Mary Purcell Geiger Scholarship Fund. 

Click here for a scholarship application.


Enrolling in the Greenbelt Youth Musical signals a commitment to participate in a collaborative artistic project with a company of other committed young performers. 
Please note that we do not issue tuition refunds in the event that an actor withdraws from the production after casting.  We expect that all actors enrolling in the production are committed to participating in a fun and collaborative experience, regardless of casting, and we set the production budget, including hiring commitments to staff, based on the total tuition received.


                Christopher Cherry, Director and Author        Click here for bio

                Stefan Brodd, Musical Director                         Click here for bio

                Nicole DeWald, Production Designer               Click here for bio

FORMS AND RESOURCES                   

Rehearsal and performance schedule and the actor commitment and conflict form.  Click here

The Casting Process:  
A Q&A Resource with Director Chris Cherry for Parents and Young Actors.  Click here

On-line Registration.  Click here

Fillable registration form you can print out.  Click here

Scholarship application. Click here


Christopher Cherry, Director, 240-542-2055 or

Ruth Campbell, Registrar, 240-542-2059 or

Greenbelt Community Center Business Office: 301-397-2208