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Veterinary Assistance Program

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      The City of Greenbelt has been awarded $10,000 in a Greenbelt Assistance in Living (GAIL) Veterinary Assistance Grant from Banfield Charitable Trust.  The grant provides funds to low-income households, the disabled, and seniors.  Residents from Greenbelt on public assistance programs, such as food stamps, Medicaid, social security, unemployment, non-commissioned active military, and Maryland Energy Assistance, can apply for up to $250 per pet.  There is a two pet maximum per household, and all types of pets are eligible.

     City residents must also meet the income threshold.  For a one-person household, the maximum income must not exceed $37,450.  For a two-person household, the maximum income must not exceed $42,800.  Proof of eligibility will be required to complete the application and provide document to verify eligibility.  Citizens may apply in-person, or homebound residents may call to arrange for a GAIL staff person to assist with the application process. 
     Christal Batey, the Greenbelt Assistance in Living Resource Advocate, was encouraged by the grant award.  “Many GAIL participants feel that their pets are their family.  This grant helps seniors improve the quality of life for their pets, which in turn improves quality of life for them.”

    Batey cited the expense of veterinary care as a primary motivation for applying for the grant.  “Pet owners love their pets. They so often choose health care for their pets, even if it means displacing their own care and needs.”  The Veterinary Assistance Grant covers basic, preventative, and emergency care, including vaccinations.  Extreme medical expenses will also be considered, but spay and neuter services are not eligible.

    In the past, the City of Greenbelt has provided funds through programs like Free Pet Food Pantry and Foods for our Four-Legged and Feathered Friends, a grant award for Green Ridge House residents. The City has expanded its reach for veterinary care this year. With the extra funding, the City will be able to subsidize pet care to a greater degree, as well as work more directly with local veterinary businesses.

Click here to download the application and bring it in to the GAIL OFFICE at 25 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD or call the GAIL Office at 301-345-6660, ext. 2012.