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Mediation Services
Community Mediation Centers

Our Mission: Mediation at Your Local Center

Question: Who is this for?

Answer: It is provided at no charge or on a sliding scale.

No one is turned away for inability to pay.

It gives people a chance to speak, to be heard and to hear each other.
Provides an opportunity for people to understand each other and transform their relationship.

Ensures that participants make their own decisions about the outcome of their conflict.

Assists people to develop long-term solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved.

Occurs at a time and place convenient to the participants.

Is facilitated by highly trained volunteers who represent the diversity of the community they serve.

Question: What types of dispute can I bring to Mediation?


1. Neighborhood disputes (such as noise, property, animals and lifestyle differences)

2. Inter-Personal disputes (including assaults, harassment, love triangles and strained friendships)

3. Employment disputes (such as co-worker disputes and supervisor/employee conflicts)

4.Business disputes (including business/neighbor and business/customer)

5.Landlord-tenant disputes

6. Roommate/housemate disputes

7. School disputes (such as those among students and or/between parents, staff and administration)

8. Neighborhood association disputes

9. Land use disputes

Prince George's County
Community Mediation Prince George's
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Room L202
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
p:(301) 952-4729  
f: (301) 952 4244
Leslie Nelsone
website: www.co.pg.md.us

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