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Maryland Public Information Act Requests

The Maryland Public Information Act enables people to have access to government records without unnecessary cost or delay. The City of Greenbelt is committed to transparency in government. 

MPIA requests should be submitted on the City’s MPIA Request Form  and may be printed, and mailed or faxed, or saved and emailed as an attachment to one of the City’s Records Custodians.  Your request should sufficiently identify the records that you are seeking, including a clearly identified subject matter and specific dates or ranges of dates of the documents requested.

The City is not obligated to do research, "create" records, or conduct investigations. The City is given 30 days to comply with your request. However, we will provide information for your inspection as soon as possible. If the information you are requesting does not exist, the City will inform you within 10 working days.

City Records Custodian:
Bonita Anderson
City Clerk
City of Greenbelt
25 Crescent Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone: 301-474-3870
FAX: 301-441-8248

Police Records Custodian:
Lt. Gordon Pracht
Greenbelt Police Department
550 Crescent Road
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Phone: 301.474.7200 
FAX: 301-507-6520

There are occasions when fees may be charged to produce documents under the MPIA. (FEE SCHEDULE)

If you have any questions about the administration of the above guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact the City Clerk's Office at 301-474-3870.