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Konrad Herling
Konrad HerlingElected to Council in 2003, Herling has worked with Greenbelt's bus commuters (Transit Riders United - Greenbelt) and Metro as well as the County to enhance service to all sectors of the city. Pending a vote by Metro’s Board of Directors, Sunday service for Metro bus service should be available next year.

Approaching public transportation as a key tool in phasing out fossil fuels, he worked with the Advisory Committee for Environmental Sustainability, helped write a transportation program that recognizes the need for improved biking, pedestrian, and bus shelters. He also represents Greenbelt as part of Maryland's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council, established to promote the development and use of electric vehicles.

Herling has been a leading advocate for intelligent economic development to better market businesses as well as the recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities in Greenbelt. In 2011, he served on a county commission to provide tax credits to green businesses for investing in our county. In concert with the Four-Cities Coalition’s (Greenbelt, New Carrollton, College Park and Berwyn Heights) goal of securing a relocated FBI to Greenbelt, he led the effort to produce a promotion video highlighting the quality of life opportunities for prospective FBI employees.

Herling's sustained efforts to unify the community began with his efforts to launch the Greenbelt Arts Center in 1979. In 2006 he helped produce a volunteer-led international cultural festival. As part of embracing the city's diversity, he advocated in 2013 that the city provide greater opportunities to folks of all walks of life to provide more input regarding policy and planning issues. He currently is working with a volunteer group to produce a series of Latino cultural programming for 2016. Finally, as liaison to GATE (Greenbelt Access Television, Inc.), he has reached out to community groups to make positive advantage of public service announcements.

Regarding efforts to better connect the community, he is perhaps proudest of his work, and that of the Community Relations Advisory Board, in writing the Community Pledge (2001), which urges all Greenbelters to treat each other with respect and to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Herling, who has lived in GHI and Franklin Park (aka Springhill Lake, 1979-1984), received his undergraduate degree from Towson University in history and secondary education.

For his community service, he was honored to be named Greenbelt’s Outstanding Citizen in 2001.