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Kathleen Shaw

kathleen Shaw.bmpCity Council Candidate Kathleen Shaw is an attorney and works as an associate in the Correctional Litigation Unit of Maryland’s Office of the Attorney General. Kathleen and her family relocated to the metropolitan area from Texas in 2013 for the purpose of completing her law degree. She is a recent graduate of the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law. She completed her undergraduate studies at Prairie View A&M University in 1979 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology/pre-medicine, attaining the status of cum laude honors.

Kathleen was raised in a Christian home by her father, a minister, and her mother, a public school educator, in the small town of Prairie View, Texas. She, along with her five siblings, was taught by precept and example what it meant to live a life of community service. Her father’s life was dedicated in service to his parishioners for over 40 years. One of the greatest lessons she was taught by him was the importance of maintaining a good name in your community. The memories of her mother’s selfless sacrificial giving are permanently engraved on her heart and mind. Her mother’s service of making regular distributions to the poor, visiting the sick and being a lover of all people are the character attributes she believed “made one great” - He that is greatest is he who serves. Hence, Kathleen developed a like desire to serve others as well.

Kathleen’s desire for service on an individual basis further progressed into a passion for public service. In 2010, she was the Democratic nominee for Texas State Senate District 2, Texas’s largest senate district, in which she challenged a long-term incumbent, garnering one-third of the district’s vote to incumbent’s two-thirds. The experience proved to be the catalyst she needed to pursue a law degree in hopes of securing the legal and policy training necessary to become a viable contender in a future bid for public office.

Additional factors have fueled Kathleen’s desire to pursue a career in public service. In the course of her Senate campaign effort, Kathleen observed a vast quantity of socioeconomic and ethnic disparities among various populations. An even greater chasm existed when it came to suitable advocacy for those groups in government. It is her firm belief that good public policy can only be developed when every demographic within a society is fairly and comprehensively represented. Resultantly, her primary motivation to achieve a public interest career goal is rooted in her discontent with the overt inequity in many state legislatures and a desire to promote political equilibrium in government.

Kathleen is the wife of Charlie Shaw and mother to Briana, Nicole, Isaac and Jessica.