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Lost and Found

Below are items of property that have been turned into the Greenbelt Police Department (GPD).

Items will be held for 90 days. 

If the items are not retrieved within the 90 day time period, the items are then forfeited. 

  • The owner must be able to identify the item with additional information such as serial number, distinct feature, etc. to claim.

  • Contact MPO Peters at 240-542-2128 or 
  • email  
  • (Email = quick response)  

  • April: 18-06095 Clothing 18-06099 Key 18-06235 Bicycle 18-06387 Keys 18-06532 Bicycle Owner: Mobike, Inc. 18-06862 Misc. Items 18-06905 Bicycle 18-07223 Wallet Owner: Wesley Peyton 18-07629 Sign Owner: PG County 18-07737 Wallet 18-07883 Purse 18-07910 Bag Owner: Francisco Ventura 18-07937 Purse Owner: Naomi Etchri May: 18-08155 Keys 18-08560 Misc. Items Owner: Tairen Morgan 18-09303 Backpack Owner: Anthony Hall 18-09388 US Currency 18-09661 Misc. Cards Owner: Demontray Pollard June: 18-09992 Bag Owner: Desmond Dje 18-10327 Wallet Owner: Modeste Mbunwe Nkoko 18-10331 Wallet Owner: Sharon Lee 18-10333 Wallet Owner: Cindy Hernandez 18-10334 Wallet Owner: Clara Mendez Trujillo 18-10529 Bank Card Owner: Dagmawit Mekonnen 18-10797 Necklace 18-11330 BB Gun 18-11620 Hat Owner: Thomas White July: 18-10248 Wallet Owner: Jose Medina Alfaro 18-11029 Keys 18-11929 Bicycle 18-11982 Misc. Electronics 18-12130 Wallet Owner: Joseph Davies 18-12545 Keys