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Lost and Found

Below are items of property that have been turned into the Greenbelt Police Department (GPD).

Items will be held for 90 days. 

If the items are not retrieved within the 90 day time period, the items are then forfeited. 

  • The owner must be able to identify the item with additional information such as serial number, distinct feature, etc. to claim.

  • Please call 240-542-2128 or 
  • email
  • May: 17-08023 USB Charger 17-08225 Wallet Owner: Veronica Nzepang 17-08991 Bag Owner: Michael Barnett 17-09274 GPS 17-09617 Wallet Owner: James Lewis 17-09633 Laptop w/ charger 17-09736 Backpack Owner: Singway Hawkins 17-09832 Keys 17-09937 Tools Owner: Robert Dindlebeck 17-10018 Wallet Owner: Joel Jackson 17-10120 Bag Owner: Heaven Sakyi June: 17-11035 Bicycle 17-11229 Hat and glasses Owner: Jimmie Newell 17-11593 Keys 17-11823 Wallet 17-11868 Keys 17-12137 US Currency 17-12178 iPhone July: 17-09023 Duffle Bag Owner: Roderick Cheg 17-12313 Credit Card Owner: Amber Brown Credit Card Owner: Kionete Thomas 17-12452 Shoes 17-12611 BB Gun 17-12634 Key 17-13092 Moped Helmet Owner: Jaquan Stevenson 17-13114 Cell phone 17-14448 Screwdriver and Knife Owner: Andrew Campbell 17-14462 Bedding August: 17-14364 Wallet Owner: Agnes Pierre 17-14930 Backpack Owner: Fofuna Mohamed