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Lost and Found

Below are items of property that have been turned into the Greenbelt Police Department (GPD).

Items will be held for 90 days. 

If the items are not retrieved within the 90 day time period, the items are then forfeited. 

  • The owner must be able to identify the item with additional information such as serial number, distinct feature, etc. to claim.

  • Please call 240-542-2128 or 
  • email
  • December: 17-23403 Debit Card Owner: David Whyte 17-23917 Cell phone Owner: Sharece Phillips 14-10708 Misc Items Owner: Obed Jipmou 17-24593 Purse Owner: Carolle Rochelle 17-25000 Cell Phone Owner: Wunmi Lawal 17-25024 Smoking Device Owner: Keith Proctor January: 18-00021 BackPack Owner: Ruth Ann White 18-00164 Folding Knife 18-00770 Wallet Owner: Gabriela Gonzalez 18-01513 Knife Owner: Wellington Jefferson 18-01581 Misc. Cards Owner: Mary Azucena Flores 18-01624 Misc. Electronics 18-01800 Coat Owner: Ruth Ann White February: 18-02435 Cellphone Wallet 18-02794 Speaker Owner: DeShawn Collins 18-03110 Radio 18-03185 Cellphone 18-03236 Keys 18-03588 MD Driver's Licesnse Owner: Esau Perez-Teo March: 18-04702 Debit Card Owner: Bryant Prater 18-04862 Misc. Items Owner: Travis Montgomery 18-04914 Debit Card Owner: Anavictoria Torres Perez 18-05065 Bag Owner: Baknay Stewart 18-05259 Misc. Items Owner: Heavenly Swift