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Police Policy & Procedure 2016
  Order 100-Mission and Values Statements-5th Edition Order 613-Communications-5th Edition 
 Order 101-Introduction to the Manual  Order 614-Records-5th Edition
 Order 102-Manual of Written Directive  Order 615-Shoplifting
 Order 103-Code of Ethics-5th Edition-2_2010  Order 616-Use of Force-amended
 Order 104-Oath of Office-5th Edition-2_2010  Order 616-Use of Force-Visual Continuum
 Order 201-Rules of the Police Department  Order 620-Field Observation Report-Stop and Frisk-5th Edition (2)
 Order 202- Code of Conduct  Order 621-Media Relations-5th Edition -
 Order 203-Grooming  Order 622-Request for Assistance by Bail Bondsman
 Order 301-Organizational Structure-NEW ORG CHARTS 2015 final draft  Order 623-Crime Analysis
 Order 302-Station Cleanliness  Order 625-Limits of Authority and Constitutional Safeguards
 Order 303-Contractual Agreements for Law Enforcement Services-5th Edition Order 626-Relationships with Allied Agencies 
 Order 304-Light-Duty Policy  Order 627-Evidence Management
 Order 305-Message and Mail-5th Edition  Order 628-Property Managemen
 Order 306-Visitiors in the Station-5th Edition 3-2009  Order 629-Records Unit Cash Fund-5th Edition
 Order 307-Use of Telephone  Order 634-Complaint Procedures-5th Edition-2014
 Order 308-Fiscal Management-5th Edition doc  Order 635-Internal Affairs-5th Edition_2014.doc - Chief's wording
 Order 309-Planning and Research  Order 636-Infectious Disease Control and AIDS
 Order 310-Forms Control-5th Edition  Order 637-Automatic External Defibrillators-5th Edition
 Order 311-Line Inspections  Order 641-Assest Seizures and Forfeitures (Drugs-Handguns)
 Order 312-Goals and Objectives  Order 643-Collection and Preservation of Evidence
 Order 313-Use of Tobacco-5th Edition  Order 644-Identity Theft
 Order 314-Illness-Vacation Notification Addendum A  Order 645-Cold Case Investigations
 Order 315-Time Sheets  Order 646-Hate, Violence, Race, Religious and Ethnic Incidents-5th Edition
 Order 316-Legally Mandated Authority  Order 649-Natural Death Investigations
 Order 317-Statewide Authority-5th Edition  Order 650-K-9 Procedures
 Order 318-Collective Bargaining  Order 652-Domestic Violence
 Order 319-Inter-Departmental Communications-5th Edition  Order 653-Mobil Data Terminals-5th Edition
 Order 320-Administrative Reporting Sysemt Addendum A  Order 654-Victim-Witness Assistance
 Order 320-Administrative Reporting System Addendum B  Order 654-Victim-Witness Assistance-Maryland Declaration of Rights
 Order 320-Administrative Reporting System Addendum C  Order 656-Criminal Citations
 Order 320-Administrative Reporting System Addendum D  Order 658-Jurisdiction and Authority
 Order 320-Administrative Reporting System-5th Edition  Order 658-Jurisdiction and Authority-Map of City
 Order 401-Secondary Employment-5th Edition  Order 659-Bicycle Patrol-5th Edition
 Order 402-Disciplinary Process-5th Edition -2_2010  Order 662-Special Assignment Section (SAS)
 Order 403-Training-5th Edition_2014  Order 663-Death Notifications
 Order 404-Take Home Cars  Order 664-School Resource Officers
 Order 405-Police Chaplain  Order 667-Accreditation Process
 Order 406-Discretion-5th Edition  Order 668-Honor Guard
 Order 407-Compensation and Benefits-Purged  Order 669-Prisoner Processing Area-5th Edition
 Order 408 Recruitment  Order 669-Prisoner Processing Area-Mug Shot Memo
 Order 409-Performance Evaluations-5th Edition  Order 669-Prisoner Processing-Over Capacity Memorandum
 Order 410-Uniform Wear  Order 670-Inteview Rooms
 Order 410-Uniform Wear-Photographs  Order 673 Digital Imaging
 Order 411-Alternatives to Arrest-5th Edition  Order 674 Body Worn Camera
 Order 412-Allocation of Personnel  Order 701-Police Vehicle Operation-5th Edition
 Order 413-Background Investigations   Order 703-Preliminary Breath Test (PBT)
 Order 414-Promotion   Order 704-Speed Enforcement
 Order 415-Employee Assistance Program  Order 705-Vehicle Impounds
 Order 417-Grievance Procedures  Order 705-Vehicle Impounds-Letter from State's Attorney
 Order 418-Departmental Laudry-Clothing Allowance  Order 706-Driving while Intoxicated
 Order 421-Classification and Delineation of Duties-5th Edition  Order 707-Roadside Check Points
 Order 422-Commendations and Awards  Order 708-Collision Addition
 Order 422-Commendations and Awards-Ribbion Visual  Order 709-Assistance of Motorist
 Order 423- Physical Fitness  Order 710-Traffic Enforcement-5th Edition
 Order 428- Transfer Assignments and Career Development 5th Edition-CBA  Order 711-Parking Enforcement
 Order 429-Selection of Employees  Order 712-Traffic Administration-5th Edition
 Order 430-Military Deployment  Order 713- Traffic Direction and Control
 Order 431-Early Intervention Program  Order 714-Traffic Engineering
 Order 501-Ride-Along  Order 715-Traffic Lights
 Order 502-Crime Prevention-5th Edition  Order 716-Bias Based Profiling
 Order 504-Interagency Relationship and Referals  Order 717- License Plate Reader-5th Editon
 Order 505-Student Intern Program  Order 718 Automated Enforcement
 Order 506-Department Interpreters  Order 719- Sobriety Checkpoints
 Order 601-Roll Call  Order 802-Child Abuse Investigations
 Order 602-Search and Seizure  Order 804-Juvenile Interaction-5th Edition
 Order 603-Statements and Confessions  
 Order 604-Search and Seizure of a Crime Scene  
 Order 605 Prisoner Transport Seating Map  
 Order 605-Prisoner Transport 5th Edition  
 Order 606-Foreign National Notification  
 Order 607-Rabies  
 Order 608-Missing Adults  
 Order 609-Missing Juveniles  
 Order 610-Diplomatic Immunity  
 Order 611-Dealing with Mentally Ill Individuals