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Greenbelt Youth Musical Brief Reviews


Buried Treasure Resonates With Both Youth And Adults

The play ultimately reminds us that at the foundation of our beings -- underneath the ugly
bits we try to keep hidden, beneath the fear, at the core of ourselves -- there is love. 
For the characters, this is renewing; for the audience it is joyfully hopeful.


Greenbelt Winter Youth Musical, Orlando Furioso, Delights Audience

It is a pleasure to spend a few hours in a world where enemies can become friends

 and even the loudest, most obnoxious braggarts can be brought joyfully to the table.

In the warm-hearted world of Furioso, conflicts can be resolved with love and courtesy

 and crises averted with teamwork, creativity and goodwill. 
And a little “musical theater magic!”


Secret Circus by Chris Cherry Delights Crowd

“When you’re different, how do you find your place in the world?
‘Secret Circus,’ written and directed by Christopher Cherry,
explores the quest to discover and be one’s true self
in a dazzling spectacle of romance, wonder and adventure.


“Perseus and the Gorgon” Delights a Packed House

“Perseus and the Gorgon” is a fantasy adventure tale
 complete with shipwrecks, swordfights, gods, monsters, a magic mirror,
 royalty in disguise and the cutest flock of bats ever to grace a stage.
It is also a wise reflection on the destructive influence
 of fear on our lives and the redeeming power of love.
But most of all, it is a fantastically enjoyable show.


Youth Production Delights; The Joy Gods Return to a Full House

 ‘Joy Gods’ brings tears and joy to the audience . . .
an uplifting story about the return of joy to New York City . . .
a modern-day musical with old Broadway style and flair.” 

-- Greenbelt News Review

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