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Non-Residential Alarm System Licensing
The city has enacted a non-residential burglar alarm licensing and false alarm reduction program. All non-residential burglar alarm systems and alarm businesses operating in Greenbelt must be licensed by the city. Fines are levied for repeat false alarms for all alarm users. For additional information, call 301-345-5417.

Instructions for Non-Residential Burglar & Holdup Alarm Registration
You must register your alarm system with the city. Failure to fully complete this form will delay your registration / re-registration. Please type or print all information.

This form is to be used to register / re-register non-residential burglar, robbery, panic, and duress alarm systems. The permit fee is $100, and is non-refundable. One application must be submitted for each alarmed non-residential location in the city of Greenbelt and the $100 fee must accompany each application.

Required Information
  • Name, complete address and phone number of the business where the registered alarm is located
  • Type of business
  • Business trade name (if different)
  • Parent company name
  • Owner / CEO of business
  • Name and address of responsible billing party
  • Special conditions
  • Persons to contact in the event of an alarm
  • Alarm installation company
  • Monitoring company