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Arts Advisory Board

City of Greenbelt

Arts Advisory Board

 Draft Agenda for December 4, 2018

 Meeting to be held at 7:00pm in room 112 of the

Greenbelt Community Center

 15 Crescent Road, 301-397-2208



1. Verification of quorum and call to order

 2. Approval of the agenda

 3. Approval of minutes of the October 2 and November 13, 2018 meetings.

 4. Mixer follow-up communications with participants, the New Deal Café and FONDCA.

 5. Continued discussion of Council referral: “At the September 11th meeting Mr. Byrd requested that the Arts Advisory Board provide recommendations to the City Council on whether to partner with local artists to design and add placemaking banners to lamp posts and if so, ways to do so.” (Bonita Anderson, City Clerk).

 6. Discussion of new Council referral re: proposed holiday decorating contest for 2019. See attached memo.

 7. Other business

 8. Adjournment

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