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Annual Leave

All full-time employees earn annual leave based on length of service (1-3 years – 13 days; 4-15 years – 20 days; 15+ years – 26 days).  Annual leave may be used after the completion of the employee’s probationary period.  Annual leave may be accumulated up to a maximum of 30 days at the end of any calendar year.  Any excess leave will be credited to accumulated sick leave.  Employees who resign (after the completion of their probationary period) or retire from service will be paid for unused annual leave.


Sick Leave

All full-time employees earn 13 days of sick leave per year.  Sick leave may be accumulated with no maximum balance.  Upon retirement, 240 hours of accrued sick leave is deducted then the employee is paid-out ¼ of their balance.  Employees leaving employment for other reasons do not receive pay-out of accrued sick leave.


Holiday Leave

Administrative and Police employees generally receive 11 paid holidays each year.  In addition to the holidays listed below, employees receive 1 day of leave (Employee Appreciation Day) which they may use at a time of their choosing with their supervisor’s prior approval.

New Year’s Day                                                 Labor Day

Martin Luther King’s Birthday                        Veterans Day

President’s Day                                                 Thanksgiving Day

Memorial Day                                                    Thanksgiving Friday

Independence Day                                            Christmas Day

Family Sick Leave

Maximum 10 days per year (to be deducted from personal sick leave)