Petitions and Request Report

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Status Date Name Petition or Request Action Department
9/23/2019 John Campanile Asked what was on Council radar/what plans Council had reference to the Bike Task Force.
9/23/2019 Bill Orleans Asked the Director of Community Planning what was the City's interest in the Prince George's Planning Transportation Board on Enhanced Mobility solicitation pre-application process .
9/9/2019 Frank Gervasi Requested Council to pursue any legal action to fight the FCC ruling changing the agreement that funds public access television stations.
9/9/2019 Michael Hartman Requested more diversity during the Festival of Lights and Celebration of Winter.
8/12/2019 Bill Orleans Requested a better system to scheduling work sessions and meetings.
8/12/2019 Mary Anee Cantor Requesed the City establis a Fire Fly Sanctuary. Council referred the request to Greenbelt Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability (Green ACES); Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB); Forest Preserve Advisory Board (FRAB)
8/12/2019 Molly Lester Requested additional information on the reclassification that was on the agenda. Aministration
A 7/8/2019 Valerie Pierce Requested a reduce rate for tokens for the Greenbelt Tennis Association . Council referred the request to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB). Administration
A 5/28/2019 Jonathan Taylor Requested the City Council direct the City Manager to provide an income adjusted constant yield rate. Council asked that Mr. Taylor provide his request in writing to Council and staff. Upon receipt of written clarification from the petitioner on 5/29, Jeff Williams responded with information on where relevant information was located in the Comprehensive Financial Annual Report and noted the potential for future budget highlights of that information. Finance
A 5/28/2019 Stefan Brodd Requested the removal of the dog waste stations around the lake at Buddy Attick Park. During the meeting staff explained that the City partners with the County on pet waste stations, the stations were environmentally friendly yet the location of the new stations had already been referred to PRAB for recommendations on placement. Recreation/ Public Works
C 4/23/2019 James Thompson Requested the City Council attend the viewing of "You Nazty Spy" at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. He also request the City Council to consider a proclamation acknowledging the historical and cultural significance of the film. Mr. Thompson also ask the City Council to recommend the film be added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. Request has been added to the May 13th agenda for discussion. Council postponed this item until the May 28th meeting. Council decided 4-3 to recommend the film be added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. Letter drafted 6/17. Administration
A 4/8/2019 Fred Gasper Requested that the City Council review and updated Article III Public Parks, Playgrounds, Etc., of the City Code. Council referred the request to Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB). Administration
A 3/11/2019 Gina Wesley She indicated that she will be sending a letter to Prince George's County Resource Officer Dunn, requesting additional after-school safety resources for Greenbelt Middle School. Police
A 2/25/2019 Michael Hartman Requested that the City apply for the designation for an Arts District. Council recommends discussing this at a future NCO Zone/Arts & Entertainment District work session. Staff is working on the designation. Administration
A 2/25/2019 Bill Orleans Requested the number of contract bids that the City has approved, under $50K. Council referred the request to staff. Finance
A 2/11/2019 Bill Orleans Requested that Council discuss at a future meeting the City's policy for panhandling. Police
A 1/28/2019 Edith Beauchamp Requested assistance about the criminality with affordable housing in Prince George's County. Council referred the request to staff and the City Solicitor. Administration
A 1/28/2019 Jon Gardner Requested that the City upgrade or replace the rapid flashing beacon by St. Hughes at Crescent Road. He indicated that the system is not working properly. Council referred the request to staff. Planning
C 1/14/2019 Bill Orleans Requested that the City facilitate a meeting prior to the upcoming WMATA Capital Operating Budget hearing with the board of directors. He also inquired about the Green Ridge House renewal with HUD, concerning the payment status during the federal government shutdown. Ms. Ard mentioned that the City will continue and monitor the situation to protect the residents during the furlough. Mayor Jordan requested that staff send correspondence to GRH to provide a status update. Administration
A 1/14/2019 Bill Manico Request that the City enact an ordinance similar to Takoma Park's recently enacted2018-50 requiring posting of applications for cell antennas online and notice by telecom to nearby home owners and an opportunity to be heard. Council referred the request to staff and the City Solicitor. Administration
C 11/26/2018 Bill Orleans Requested that there be hard copies of Resolutions and Ordinances available to the public during City Council meetings. Staff will provide hard copies of legislation at the Council meetings. Administration
A 11/26/2018 Fred Gasper Requested that the Council consider his suggestions for bicycling improvements for Hanover Parkway and Greenbelt East Council referred the request to Planning Community Development. Planning
C 10/22/2018 Bill Orleans Inquired about the status of the Green Ridge House Work Session. Council provided him with the information. Administration
C 10/8/2018 Lore Rosenthal, 2-R Gardenway Stated that the fossil fuel letter listed an individual resident as the contact and that she requested that the name be removed. Council removed the residents name from the letter as the contact. Administration
C 10/8/2018 Michael Hartman, 2-R Gardenway Thanked the City for supporting efforts to secure a booth at the National COOP Festival. No action taken.
A 9/24/2018 David Whiteman, Greenbelt Soccer Alliance Requested access to a dedicated lite field in the City. Council referred the request to the Recreation Department. Recreation staff requested use of school facilities via the schools. Council made a request of the school board representative. Council recently met with the School Superintendent with a similar request for field and facility use (May 2019). Recreation
A 9/24/2018 Greg Fisanich, Greenbelt Outstanding Citizen 2018 Presented a PowerPoint on Trim a Tree for Safety - Driver and Pedestrian Line of Sight Safety at intersections and crosswalks within the City. Council referred the petition to the Public Works Department. Public Works
C 9/11/2018 Lore Rosenthal, Greenbelt Climate Action Network Requested that the City support the “No New Fossil Fuels in Maryland” campaign. Ms. Rosenthal has also requested that Council consider this item at the Regular Meeting on September 24th. Council approved the pledge on October 8th, 2018. Admin/Planning
C 8/13/2018 Claudia Jones Requested that the Council consider a Greenbelt Nursing Home instead of Condominiums. Council informed Ms. Jones that the City does not own the property she was referencing. The need/desire for senior housing options was shared with the development team. Planning
C 7/9/2018 Bill Orleans Requested that the Council schedule a Green Ridge House Admission and Retention Policy Work Session Work session held on October 29th, 2018, with Green Ridge House about the Admissions/Smoking Area. Administration
C 7/9/2018 Tom Taylor and Lore Rosenthal Requested that the Council send a letter to the Prince George's County Council in support of adding two new zoning definitions in the category of composting. Council referred the request to the Planning Department. On the August 13th agenda. Letters were sent on August 14th, 2018. Planning
A-H 6/4/2018 John Drago Requested that the City move forward with the City Public Art Project. Art Commission is already working on a program. Staff helped a local school with potential upcoming project.
A-H 5/14/2018 Justin Baker Request that the Council establish an Anti-Loitering/Anti-Camping City Code. Under legal review. Administration
A-H 5/14/2018 George Boyce Requested that the Council conduct a review & revision of Ch. 3 of the City Code as it pertains to the declaration & treatment of animals which the City determines to be “vicious or dangerous.” Under legal review. Administration
C 5/14/2018 Susan Stewart on behalf of Lore Rosenthal GCAN request that the Council add to the June 4th, discussion of CB-4-2018 (Fair Elections Fund Bill) Council discussed and approved the CB-4-2018 at the 6/4/2018 meeting. Council is in support of the legislation with some concerns. Administration
A 3/26/2018 Laurie E. Siegel Centralized Delivery of Packages for Greenbelt Residents Council referred request to PSAC for review. See action
C 2/12/2018 Ms. Mach said the Greenbelt Cooperative Alliance met last week and discussed participating in the National Cooperative Business Associations Co-op Festival on the National Mall on October 6 and 7, 2018. She said the Greenbelt Cooperative Alliance has asked that the City, as a cooperative community, consider partnering with the Alliance for this event. She said the registration fee was $750.00 and the Alliance would be willing to provide the staffing for the event. After discussion, Council requested this item be included as an agenda item for the next meeting. Funding was approved. The Greenbelt Cooperative Alliance had an booth on the National Mall on October 6th and 7th, 2018. Administration
C 1/22/2018 NVR MS Cavalier Greenbelt LLC Submitted a petition requesting that the City annex .131 acres which they own. This property should have been included in the original petition for the South Core annexation, but was inadvertently left out. Annexation Plan and related legislative and administrative action under way with City Council. Adopted by Res. 2058 on February 26th, 2018, effective date April 17th, 2018. Planning
A 12/11/2017 Community Manager Charlestown Village Condominiums request speed humps to be installed on Lakecrest Drive. Referred to Police, Planning and Public Works. Study underway. See action
A 12/11/2017 Kevin Mottus, Lanham, MD Health effects from wireless radiation from cell towers. Asked the Council to minimize the placement of cell towers. Council and staff continue to monitor the cell tower industry. Legislation underway. Planning
A 11/27/2017 Keith Chernikoff Status of his request on 9/11/17 in reference to the Recreation Department to restore the wooden tennis court backstop Referred to the Recreation Department. Staff contacted petitioner in December. Recreation
A-H 10/9/2017 Colin Byrd Recognition of the Vegas shooting, he asked that the Council send a letter to the President asking for support a ban on bump stocks and to direct City Council on a City level to address this issue and/or on a State level to support in the upcoming legislative session. No action taken.
A-H 10/9/2017 Elizabeth Gaines Petitioners against the Police Department having military equipment as part of their arsenal. Referred Police staff and CRAB. Police
A-H 9/25/2017 John Drago Recommends an Arts Council Referred to Art Advisory Board.
NA 9/25/2017 Ric Gordon Petition to the City Council to consider taking a position against the speech coming from this current administration and to keep it away from Greenbelt. No action taken.
C 9/25/2017 George Boyce Petition to the City to dedicate the park at Greenbelt Station before October 28 to hold a rally or negotiate with the developer to have the rally there. Planning Staff continues to indicate that there outstanding landscape and construction issues. Planning
A 9/11/2017 Keith Chernikoff Request that the Recreation Department restore the wooden tennis court backstop Referred to the Recreation Department Recreation
C 8/14/2017 Colin Byrd Request that the early voting in Greenbelt East and West be expanded. Response by Assistant City Manager in September. Early voting hours & locations determined by the City Code. Under review by the Board of Elections and the City Solicitor. Administration
A 7/10/2017 Colin Byrd What % of negotiated purchase list business are going to Greenbelt Businesses? Referred to City Treasurer. Finance
C 7/10/2017 Jeff Harrison Follow-up to request from 5/22/2017; Request that the City promulgate a City Ordinance to reconcile the City's detainer policies and procedures with the policies and procedures of the County DOC. Under Legal Review; Mr. Pound's is following up with Mr. Brennan. Council Work Session July 2018. General Orders being drafted. General Orders adopted and signed September 11th, 2018. Administration
A-H 4/25/2017 Ric Gordon Toy gun ban ordinance Under counsel review Police
C 4/25/2017 Joseph Trulinger Request for Woodlawn Development Group to continue shuttle transportation for residents. Staff communication with Woodlawn Development Group and County; Woodlawn contacted residents regarding upcoming service changes. Shuttle continued through 2018. The builder has agreed to extend the shuttle service to end of 2019. Planning
A 4/25/2017 Darlene Jon Pierre Request for children living in Greenbelt Station to attend Greenbelt Schools On-going - city continues to advocate for this boundary change. Work sessions held with 1) PGCPS CEO & School Board Representative Grady on 2-17-16; and 3) PGCPS Pupil & Accounting Office 8-3-17. Work session held with School Board Representative 5-31-17. Met with School Board Reps January 2018. Will meet again in 2018. Council met with School Board Representatives on October 1, 2018 and June 2019. Administration
A 4/25/2017 Darlene Jon Pierre Request that the City continue to advocate with WMATA for trail from Greenbelt Station to Metro. On-going - city continues to advocate for this trail. 4/28/17- City/County/Woodlawn Development Group meetings underway. WMATA and City continue to meet. Work Sessions held in March and September 2017. City staff comments to be delivered to WMATA by early October. WMATA comments reviewed on 2/1/18, under staff review. Staff submitted a $75,000 Bond Bill to State Delegation. Work sessions held funded in FY 2020 Budget. Planning
C 2/13/2017 Green Ridge House Residents Allow designated smoking area behind Green Ridge House to remain Considered at work session on 02-15-17. Under staff review. Public Works and GAIL reviewing sites, proposals. GHI referred complaint reviewed. 5-17, temporary location completed. Permanent location in design. Contractors identified. Cold weather delayed. Will start again in spring. Completed summer of 2018, awaiting wire and benches. Mulch has been added to the area. Working on smoke stations.
A 2/13/2017 Greenbelt Station Residents Construction of pathway or bus service for residents of Greenbelt Station to Metro Work session held with Mr. Augustine, WMATA Board, 3-29-17. 4-28-17 - City/County/Woodlawn Development Group meetings underway. Confirmed continued shuttle through 2018 and County bus service. WMATA and City staff continue to meet on path. Work Session held in September 2017. City comments to be delivered to WMATA by early October 2017. Response received 2/1/18, under review by City Staff. $75,000 Bond Bill paperwork submitted by City Staff to Delegate Gaines and Senator Pinsky. Design and legal discussions underway. Todd Pounds in contact with Pepco for easement. Work session is scheduled held with Ms. Doggett, WMATA representative, 11/5/18. City questions to WMATA were addressed via email 11/7/18, by Ms. Doggett. Planning
A 2/13/2017 Bob Snyder Expand membership on ACT from three to seven or nine members Referred to ACT to review on 2-27-17. Request declined.
C 1/23/2017 Colin Byrd Recognition plaque for Greenbelt City Managers Recognition under council review. Photograph installed at the entrance of the Municipal Building. Administration
A 12/12/2016 Colin Byrd Replica gun ban ordinance Under staff review
A 11/28/2016 Colin Byrd Allow for out of precinct voting (emergency situations) on election day Under staff review. Discussed in 2017 at Work Session with petitioner and Election Board. Transportation is provided. Administration
A 11/28/2016 Valerie Orlando Designation of Greenbelt as a Sanctuary City Under Council review
C 8/8/2016 Colin Byrd Anti-discrimination ordinance providing protections based on sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity, including letting transgender people use public bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity, not gender at birth, and barring businesses from refusing services to same-sex couples (*Spoke on same request at 9-12-16 and 1-23-17 meetings) Under Council review. Council affirmed Community Pledge and referred the Pledge to CRAB for review and any updates. Administration
A-H 10/19/2015 John Drago Designation of Arts Destination in Center. Mr. Drago will discuss with AAB at a future time. Recreation
A 1/26/2015 Michael Hartman Update to previous petition for Advisory Committee on Inclusion and Diversity – Provided update on CRAB’s review of request CRAB report submitted March 2015. CRAB now working on related topics – Police Community Relations. Held meetings throughout the community. Administration
C 4/28/2014 George Boyce Science & Technology Advisory Committee ACE Report 2015-3 accepted by Council on 6-8-15. Administration
A-H 4/28/2014 George Boyce Science and Technology Business District To be considered as part of Economic Development Study Administration

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