Lost & Found

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Below are items of property that have been turned into the Greenbelt Police Department (GPD).

Items will be held for 90 days.

If the items are not retrieved within the 90 day time period, the items are then forfeited.

The owner must be able to identify the item with additional information such as serial number, distinct feature, etc. to claim.

Please call 240-542-2128 or email cpeters@greenbeltmd.gov.

An email will provide the quickest response. 



19-13818     Wallet     Owner: Jerome McCollum 

19-13755     Cellphone 

19-13696     Keys



19-12712     Tool     Owner: Anthony Christy 

19-12251     Backpack     Owner: Wayne Pitt

19-11380     Bicycle 

19-11336     Key 

19-11102     Purse     Owner: Megli Jimenez Perez 

19-11008     Electronics 



19-10365     Credit Card 

19-10119     Backpack     Owner: Dashadd Key 

19-09751     Key Fob      

19-09496     DC Document     Owner: William Hilton

19-09339     Credit Card     Owner: Norbertina Banson 

19-09147     Backpack     Owner: Myia Adams 

19-09100    Clothing  

19-09075     Pocketknife     Owner: Brenton Barrett 

19-07811     Wallet     Owner: Perry Lawrence



19-08175     Electronics 

19-07707     Misc. Items     Owner: Pamela Riley 

19-07669     Suitcase 

19-06911     Backpack