Due to the predicted weather, the Martin Luther King, Jr Day of service activity scheduled for Monday, January 21 at buddy Attick Park has been rescheduled to Saturday, February 2nd. 

Lost & Found

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Below are items of property that have been turned into the Greenbelt Police Department (GPD).

Items will be held for 90 days.

If the items are not retrieved within the 90 day time period, the items are then forfeited.

The owner must be able to identify the item with additional information such as serial number, distinct feature, etc. to claim.

Please call 240-542-2128 or email

An email will provide the quickest response. 


19-01393     Wallet     Owner: Reid Fraser 

19-01377     Wallet     Owner: Paul Morgan Jr. 

19-00301     Bracelet


18-23947    Duffel bag & Backpack     Owner: Arreon Jones

18-23539     Backpack 

18-22466     Debit Card     Owner: Taylor Brooks 

18-22450     Knife      Owner: Lewis Thomas 

18-22338     Glasses

18-22255     Misc Items     Owner: Melliny Tolson 

18-21961     Wallet     Owner: Sheriff Bah 

18-21959     BOA Card     Owner: Jose Edwin Mendez Santos  


18-21704     Debit Card     Owner: Tarik Denison 

18-21509     Bag     Owner: Jeffrey Myers 

18-21440     Wallet     Owner: Mynor Gonzalez Calderon 

18-21380     Knife 

18-21336     Backpack     Owner: Michael Murphy 

18-20864     Greenbelt Cheerleading Bag 

18-20312     BackPack     Owner: Samson Bademosi

 18-14258     Cell phones     Owner: Ida Brown



18-19921     Book Bag 

18-18920     Credit Cards     Owner: Arnold Semilla Jr. 

18-18891     Backpack 

18-18808     Keys 

18-18643     US Currency 

18-18518     Misc. Items     Owner: Yefri Maldonado Ulloa 

18-18351     Misc. Items     Owner: James McElree 

18-17364     Wallet     Owner: Pacheco Ajapacaja