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At this time, staffing does not allow the Police Department to do citizen fingerprinting. Please contact Maryland State Police at 301-345-3101


Copies of accident reports and confirmation of crime reports can be obtained by contacting the records unit at 301-507-6550. There is a $5 fee and only persons of interest as defined by state law may receive copies.


Research will be completed at a rate of $20 per hour.

Dispatch Tape Duplication

Tapes will be copied by subpoena only for a $25 fee.

Photograph Duplication

Photographs will be copied by subpoena only for materials cost and an additional $25 fee.

Parking Ticket Fine Collection

Parking tickets may be paid by mail or in person. When paying by mail, enclose a check or money order in the amount of the fine and any accrued late fees. The payment must be postmarked by the fifteenth day to avoid paying late fees.

Fines may also be paid in person. Cash, money orders, and credit cards are acceptable means of payment, but cash must be in the exact amount. No change will be given. You may also pay your parking ticket online.

Vehicle Locksmith Service

Officers will gain entry into locked vehicles only in cases where there is a threat to life such as a child locked in the car. There is no charge for this service.