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Additional City Programs

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Trash Services

The city recently identified a trash hot spot at Spellman overpass. Currently, more than 54% of all collected waste gets recycled. Greenbelt provides curbside and drop-off services, which includes, but is not limited to:

On days with lower air quality conditions (deemed code orange or red, depending on the severity), the city adapts all of its operations, to include limiting refueling to mornings or evenings, and no grass cutting on red days.


The city is taking on other green initiatives, like the Zipcar, which was established at the Green Ridge House. The city has also provided residency programs. This includes a monthly grant for police that live in town, as well as a $2,000 grant to any city employee who buys a home in the community.

In agreements negotiated with Greenbelt Station and Springhill Lake, the city pushed for use of green building technology and low impact building approaches.

Paper Retrieval System

The city of Greenbelt uses the Paper Retriever Program to collect newspapers at the city's two recycling centers, located at Buddy Attick Park and at Hanover Drive. Collections through this program helps to raise money for the city's other recycling efforts.

Sustainability Tracking

The 2010 fiscal year budget established a sustainability tracking system which monitors progress towards the climate change goals set by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.