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Christmas Tree Collection

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Your discarded Christmas Tree can be recycled. The Public Works Department will start picking up trees at the locations listed below on December 26th. The trees will be processed through the wood chipper. The chips will be used as mulch around trees and flower beds. Please remove all ornaments, lights, and tree stands.

Please bring trees to any of the following areas with a green tree sign until February 1, 2020.

Collection Sites


  • Ridge Road, 73 Court (same side as playground)
  • Plateau Place and Ridge Road (corner on playground side)
  • Research Road and Hillside Road (corner)
  • Ridge Road, 44 Court (Area near playground)
  • Eastway and Crescent Road (corner)
  • Ridge Road, 21 Court (across from Green Ridge House)
  • Crescent Road and Ridge Road (playground at junction)
  • Parkway (corner across from 58 Court Crescent Road)
  • Parkway (corner across from Community Church)
  • Southway, 7 Court (playground at Little League field)
  • Ridge Road, 11 Court and 13 Court area (area between courts)


  • Ivy Lane and Lastner Lane (playground)


  • Greenhill Road and Crescent Road (by Baptist Church near stop sign)

Charlestowne Village and Charlestown North

  • Charlestowne Village and Charlestowne North (property adjacent to Buddy Attic Park next to lake park service road)

University Square

  • University Square (in front of stop sign at Westway and Lakeside Dr.)

Lakeside North

  • Near swimming pool

Springhill Lake

  • Springhill Lake (Edmonston Road 9294-9280)


  • Greenbriar (between buildings 7708 and 7710, Hanover Parkway)
  • Greenbriar (between buildings 7728 and 7730, Hanover Parkway)
  • Greenbriar (between buildings 7826 and 7828, Hanover Parkway)
  • Greenbriar (between buildings 8003 and 8009, Mandan Road)

Glen Oaks

  • Glen Oaks (between buildings 7903 and 7905, Mandan Road)
  • Glen Oaks (between buildings 7509 and 7511, Mandan Road)

Hunting Ridge

  • Hunting Ridge (between buildings 6936 and 6978, Hanover Parkway)

Windsor Green

  • Windsor Green (court entrances, picked up by Windsor Green staff and placed at Windsor pool parking lot for Public Works staff)

Greenbrook Village & Estates

  • Ora Glen Drive and Matthew Drive (southeast corner)
  • Hanover Parkway and Greenbrook Drive (southeast corner)
  • Mandan Road and Matthew Street (in front of barricade)

Greenwood Village

  • Across from 8175 Mandan Terrace
  • Across from 7646 Mandan Road
  • Across from 7648 Mandan Road

Greenspring & Greenspring II

  • Southwest corner of Megan Lane and Craddock Road
  • Park area between 7926 and 8006 Greenbury Drive
  • Corner of Spring Manor Drive and Springshire Way
  • Open area between 6519 and 6515 Springcrest Drive

Belle Point

  • Corner of Vanity Fair Drive and Prince James Way
  • Open area between 7800 and 7801 Vanity Fair Drive
  • Open area beside 7962 Vanity Fair Drive

Greenbelt Village

  • Open area between 6729 and 6715 Village Park Drive
  • Open area across from 6632 Lake Park Drive
  • Open area across from 6510 and 6512 Lake Park Drive

Greenbelt Station

  • Central Park: Stream Bank Lane