Residential Recycling Centers

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Greenbelt Residents Only


Recycling Cans at center

Buddy Attick Park Drop-Off Center has those familiar 95 gallon blue rolling carts where you can put all your co-mingled recycling, but, there is so much more that you can recycle at the center!

oil recyclingRecycle automotive oil, oil filters, and antifreeze in the larger shed. Pour the oil and antifreeze carefully to avoid spills and close the lids on the receptacles. Put the empty containers in the trash to the right of the shed.


paper retrieverGreen and yellow dumpsters are for paper, newspaper, office paper, glossy inserts, magazines, etc. Flattened cardboard boxes can go in some containers.

Clothes Donation shedThe small shed is for all used clothing no matter what state it is in, as well as shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, drapes, and stuffed toys. All donations have to be in plastic bags properly tied. No cutup pieces of fabric, fabric scraps rags, toys or household goods.

Download the Yes/No Recycling Flyer.



A TerraCycle station (
is now available at the Buddy Attick Park Recycling Center. Non-recyclable pre-consumer and post-consumer waste is turned into a raw material to be used in new products. Learn more about TerraCycle here.

Please help us by putting the proper recyclables in the appropriate receptacles and closing those receptacles when done. Remember that items should be loose, not in plastic bags, and other materials are not accepted. Please call the Sustainability Coordinator, Luisa Robles, at 240-542-2153 or email at if you have any questions.

Greenbelt East Recycling Center
(off of Hanover Parkway, across from Dog Park) 

The Greenbelt East Recycling Center collects co-mingled recycling items in the familiar blue bins. There you can recycle any of the "Yes" items from the Recycling Flyer.  Also at this center is the Paper Retrievers for paper and cardboard and a shed to collect clothing.  Please call the Sustainability Coordinator, Luisa Robles, at 240-542-2153 or email at if you have any questions.