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Dance Studio Rules

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Following these studio rules will ensure that all dancers have a safe and rewarding experience in dance class.

  1. Students should arrive 5-10 minutes before class; no earlier and no later.

  2. Students age 8 and younger must be signed in and out by a parent, guardian, or parentally authorized individual every class. The person signing the student in must remain with the student until class has officially begun.

  3. Students age 9 and older may sign themselves in and out, if parents have submitted a form authorizing them to do so.

  4. Prior to each class starting, parents must
    • make sure that student have gone to the rest room
    • are wearing the proper attire
    • have their dance shoes tied
    • have their hair tied back
      NOTE: It is not appropriate to dress your child inside the classroom.
  5. Parents are not permitted to sit inside the classroom, take photos, or disrupt the class in any way. At the end of each semester, there will be a special in-class parent observation day.

  6. Please come a few minutes before class ends, so that you can pick students up promptly on time. Students who are picked up late disrupt the following class.

  7. Please write your child’s name on everything! All items left in the studio will be placed in the Community Center’s lost and found. They can be claimed from the welcome desk attendants in the main lobby.

  8. No jeans, skirts, or baggy clothes may be worn in class.

  9. No chewing gum, eating, or bringing any beverage besides water inside the dance studio.

  10. Hair MUST be pulled back off of face and neck.

  11. Only bare feet or dance shoes are allowed on the dance floor.

  12.  Safety first! Instructors reserve the right to expel any student that hits, pushes, grabs, or is rude to the teacher or other students. Physical and verbal aggression cannot be tolerated in the classroom