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See details of Greenbelt Playgrounds in our directory below. You can also view maps of the following categories:

See Also: Rules and Regulations at the bottom of this page.

Rules and Regulations

Permits are required for the following purposes and are limited to GREENBELT RESIDENTS only!

  1. Private boating on Greenbelt Lake
  2. Use of picnic areas for fifteen (15) or more persons
  3. Any special event when held on City Park property

It is herby declared to be unlawful for any person or group to do any of the acts hereinafter specified within any of the public park or recreation facilities within the City of Greenbelt:

  1. To consume or carry any alcoholic beverages.
  2. To park vehicles in the Lake Park Reserved area without an official parking sticker obtained from the Police Department.
  3. To park in other than designated public parking areas.
  4. To throw or leave rubbish anywhere except in the receptacle provided.
  5. To swim, wade or bathe in the Greenbelt Lake.
  6. To allow dogs to run free. Dogs shall be restrained at all times on adequate leashes not greater than five (5) feet in length.
  7. To make or kindle an open fire for any purpose (except in fixtures provided therefore).
  8. To carry or discharge firearms including air rifles, air pistols, BB guns, sling shots or fireworks of any description.
  9. To ride or walk horses.
  10. To indulge in boisterous, threatening or indecent conduct or language.
  11. To play games involving thrown or otherwise propelled objects in areas not set apart for such forms of recreation.
  12. To cut, break into, injure, deface or disturb any plant, rock, building, bench, sign or other structure, apparatus or property or to climb any tree or walk, sand or sit on monuments or any other property not designated for such purpose.
  13. To hunt, trap, injure, destroy or interfere in any way with birds, squirrels or wild animals.
  14. To drive, repair, wash, or have any motor vehicle upon any park road except service vehicles in performance of duties
  15. To ride or bicycle anywhere that is not designated for the purpose.
  16. To distribute any circulars, post or advertise matters of any kind.
  17. To solicit contributions without the written permission from the City.
  18. To sell, or offer for sale, any merchandise or other items whatsoever without a City permit.
  19. Use of any amplified music, disc jockeys or loud music.
  20. Use of any inflatable play yards (moon bounces, jump houses, inflatable obstacle courses)