Goddard 60th Anniversary

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1. Greenbelt Labor Day Festival: Community Information Day (Saturday, August 31) 
2. Fall Fest (October 26)
3. Halloween Costume Contest (October 30)
4. The Space: FREE Art for All (October 19)
5. Greenbelt Labor Day Festival - NASA Goddard in Parade
6. Greenbelt Observatory
7. Old Greenbelt Theatre (August 31st – September 1st) - Apollo 11 Short Films
8. Attend Model Rocket launches at Goddard VC (October 6, 2019)
9. Attend Sunday Experiment: Earth Science at Goddard VC (September 15, 2019) 
10. Attend Sunday Experiment: Goddard VC (October 20, 2019) 
11. Attend International Observe the Moon Night at the Goddard VC (October 5, 2019) 
12. Join a book club discussion with a GSFC employee (specific space themed book)
13. Read along with a Goddard employee at the Mom's Morning Out (children’s book)
14. Talk about Apollo with a Goddard employee at the Senior Center
15. Watch Goddard’s Film Fest at the Greenbelt Theater  (provide film fest on disk)
16.  Carve a pumpkin in honor of a Goddard mission (judging at Fall Fest)
17.  Gaze at the stars during the Pumpkin Walk (October 26)
18.  Learn about the stars with the Goddard GeoDome (set up one evening in Greenbelt or VC)


Explore Goddard
19. Visit NASA Goddard website (https://www.nasa.gov/goddard)
20. Follow NASA Goddard on Twitter @NASAGoddard
21. Use #ExploreGoddard to tag any posts related to NASA Goddard as well as your participation in 60th anniversary celebrations and activities around Greenbelt.
22. Read NASA Goddard Annual Report
23. Apply for a job
24. Consider applying for internship


Visit Goddard Visitor Center Exhibits
25. Decade of Light: A Space Communications and Navigation Exhibit
26. GLOBE Hall
27. Neighborhood Earth
28. The James Webb Space Telescope
29. Solarium
30. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)
31. Ozone Garden
32. Hubble Space Telescope
33. Goddard Rocket Garden and Astrobiology Walk
34. The Goddard Moon Tree


Places to Visit

35. Greenbelt Museum (September – October)
36. City of Greenbelt City Council Chambers NASA Goddard Art Exhibit (October - December)
37. Greenbelt Arts Center – Goddard Photography Club Artwork
38. Check out the NASA stickers at Mission BBQ
39. See images of Goddard missions at Generous Joe’s  


Space-themed Activities
40. Greenbelt Branch Library – Space-themed books for children
41. Greenbelt Girl Scouts Troops (TBD)
42. Become a Citizen Scientist 
43. Visit Goddard’s Flickr to check out the Focus on Goddard album
44. Download library poster
45. Dress like astronaut or a satellite
46. Paint a moon scape  (art class suggestion)
47. Take care of the planet - reduce, reuse, recycle
48. Find out what kinds of planets Goddard's satellite TESS is finding.
49. Join the NASA Kids’ Club
50. Design your own mission patch like the ISS astronauts 
51. Build your own lunar rover/lander (or outpost, etc) in prep for NASA’s Moon to Mars 2024 mission.
52. Find out who’s currently on the ISS and what they’re currently working on.
53. Create a solar system mobile and display in your room.
54. Create a moon phase chart.
55. Build your own model of the James Webb Space Telescope


NASA Things to Read & Watch
56. Meet the people who work at Goddard
57. Read about Goddard’s Nobel Prize winner
58. Watch the NG-12 as it launches from Wallops on Oct 21 
59. Listen to the Concert Series (Holst’s The Planets? And use our choreographed video of images)
60. See art inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope
61. Explore information on the James Webb Space Telescope translated into 40 different languages

For more ideas visit the City of Greenbelt's Pinterest Page at https://pin.it/hzsb6vtkutljkr