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Homework is…..ask a student and he/she will provide you with a list of descriptive words…..most of them not very positive!

Younger students say homework is fun. Older students say homework is tedious, annoying, boring, repetitive, difficult, not necessary, punitive and unhealthy!

What is homework? Homework:

  • Teaches good study habits
  • Reinforces skills
  • Creates discipline
  • Keeps the information fresh in the student’s mind
  • Helps students with memorization
  • Gives students a chance to absorb information presented in class
  • Stimulates students to learn more about a subject

Here are suggestions to help make homework a learning experience:

Allow the student to study in a way he/she does best. Some students study better with noise while other students need a quiet area. Some students work better at a desk or table while others prefer working on the floor. Know which environment works best for the student.

Create a learning environment. Make sure there is good lighting. Make sure the student has the right supplies (appropriate textbooks, adequate paper, sharpened pencils, working pens, rulers, etc.). Make sure the student is well nourished and well rested before working on assignments. Encourage the student to use resources: the library, the computer, homework hotlines, etc. Ultimately, students should learn to complete homework independently, with the knowledge that parents and other resources are available as needed.

Parents are an important part of homework. Parents can help by taking a positive interest in the child’s schooling and by giving positive reinforcement to the student for her efforts. Parents can support the process by helping the student read and understand directions and/or the assignment, discussing assignments with the student, and checking over homework. Parents can remind the student of the importance of education and model this by keeping in close contact with the school and teacher and participating in the school PTA. Parents should be aware of homework policies and talk to teachers about their ideas about homework. This includes being aware of a homework hotline and how much time a student should be spending on specific assignments. Finally, parents should know the policy regarding assignments turned in late or missed due to illness.

Teaching homework skills and incorporating positive learning strategies provides a structure that the student can use for the rest of his/her life. The more the student puts into it, the more he/she will get out of it. The more involved the parent, the better off the student.

Good luck and do the homework!