Fitness Programs

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The following fitness programs are available to Green Ridge House residents.

Wii Interactive Games

Wii Interactive Games allows any resident to have fun bowling, playing tennis, golf, baseball, or even fishing all from the comfort of the Community Room. Residents who need the assistance of a wheelchair, walker, or cane can easily join in the fun! While you’re here, join our bowling league, and compete against other senior teams!

You won’t want to miss this opportunity! Wii Games are held every Thursday and Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Green Ridge House Community Room.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga can be a fun and unique way to get your muscles moving. Practice at your level of comfort! Enjoy great music and company while getting in some exercise. Laughter Yoga is held twice a week, every week 10-11am on Mondays and Thursdays in the Green Ridge House Community Room.