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Possible Rabies Alert

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Monday evening on October 15th Greenbelt Animal Control responded to the 100 block of Hedgewood Drive for a possible sick/injured raccoon. Animal Control impounded the raccoon and noted it did appear to be sick/rabid, because this raccoon had no known exposure to any domestic animals or humans we are unable to confirm at this time if that raccoon was rabid. This has been the second report of a possible rabid raccoon in the City of Greenbelt. Monday morning October 15th Animal Control responded to the 9100 block of Edmonston Road for the report of a raccoon staggering in and out of the roadway. Animal Control was unable to locate this raccoon upon arrival. Please see picture below of raccoon spotted in the 9100 block of Edmonston road. 

 Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 3.54.31 PM

What signs to look for in a possible rabid raccoon
• Staggering gait
• An animal seemingly oblivious to noise or nearby movement
• Erratic wandering
• Discharge from eyes or mouth
• Wet and matted hair on face
• Repeated high-pitch vocalization
• Self-mutilation
If you see a raccoon showing these signs, please contact Animal Control immediately at 301-474-6124 or Greenbelt Police non-emergency at 301-474- 7200.