Greenbelt ALERTS

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Greenbelt Alerts will soon move to a new and improved service that allows you to request alerts on up to 10 different devices such as your cell phone, home phone, email and text message. You can sign up to stay informed about city emergencies, weather alerts and more.

If you are already a member of GREENBELT ALERTS, you will have to register once again with the new alert system by using the REGISTER NOW button. This will assure that all your information is updated and will allow you to better manage your devices and the information that you would like to receive.

You are in charge of which alerts you wish to receive and how you want to receive them!

Register Now button Register Now: Use this link if you are registering forthe NEWGreenbelt ALERTS for the first time or if you had registered for the old system and would like to register for the new one.
Log In button User Log In: Use this link if you have already registered with the NEW Greenbelt ALERTS and would like to make changes to your account.

The new Greenbelt ALERTS system comes with a FREE app for your mobile phones or your tablets and allows you to use the alert system to the fullest extent. Download and install the apps from the App Store that applies to you.

  • For Apple: Search iTunes for Everbridge Mobile Member app
  • For Androids: Search Google Play for Android – Everbridge Mobile Member
Firefighters surrounding car
Police Dispatch
Downed tree blocking road